Roald Dahl inspiration

The other day I got the opportunity to go adventure out to Cardiff city and look around the National Museum of Cardiff. In the art gallery section I came across a room on all of Roald Dahl books. In the room there was a movie area, where it spoke about how he came up with his ideas, how he did it and a lot of techniques to know about in the future. I found it very interesting to look around in and took a lot of inspiration from this trip out.




Letter pressing

Below is my letterpress work, that I did in one of my workshops. I found this task quite difficult, I couldn’t seem to get my mind wrapped around the concept of reversing the letters left to right. Then flipping the letters upside, so that it could be reflected the right way around. My first attempt is the black type below, which didn’t go very well. I misjudge the positioning of them and failed to get a clean, clear sentence printed. Once, I understood where I was going wrong, I decided to work with a more simple print by using just one word instead of a sentence. The word I ended up using was ‘type’ and from there just did lots of test runs until I was happy with my outcome.

When I was doing this I thought it would be a quick and easy task to do, it wasn’t until I tried doing it, I knew I was wrong. I found that it was a very time consuming and technical skill to have to be able to do this letterpressing in a neat, professional way. I made a lot of mistakes that aggravated me but if it wasn’t for the mistakes that I made, I wouldn’t of learnt how to make my work better than it could ever be. Once I was happy with my outcome, I felt that I had achieved something. Going from a skill I didn’t possess, to then having one.




Definition of Hybography- a mixture of things. For example a hybrid of a horse and a dog.

Above is quick collaboration I put together to give as and example.

Working with the term Hybography, I had to come up with a descriptive word and then design a version, in the meaning of it. Once I chose my word, I had to then make sure I was involving Sans-serif and Serif type into the makings of the word. The word I chose to work with was ‘Abomination’ the definition of abomination is hatred, threat and war. When designing it, I felt I needed to make my word look like a battlefield. I did this by splitting up half the text, to show a divide. Then putting half the text in uppercase and the rest in lowercase to show the difference. I even put cracks within the text to make them look broken. Before I came to my final design, I did a more neater, cleaner look. Very bold and sharp but felt that it wasn’t giving the word abomination any justice, so I felt I needed to play around making it look more like the word it is.

Before I attempted this task I didn’t think I was going to like it, I’ve never been one for typography. However, I liked that we could be more experimentive with the words and almost felt like I was creating an image with type.



In one of my lectures my class and I, were given a task to go into Cardiff city centre in groups of 3 or 4 people. We were all told to look for certain typefaces and take photos, so that then we could then go back to our class and design from the images. I found that this was a very useful experiment to part take in, it gave me a better understanding of what certain typefaces were like, in the everyday world. It made me imagine more what a Superior letter, Fat face, Bifurcated serif and others might be like. Doing this kind of task made me understand it a lot more, than just reading it in a book. I felt I could really visually remember the look and terminology of the typefaces. Once we found a good amount of typefaces, we headed back to the classroom and then all of us started to cut out silhouettes of the letters that we were working with. Once we had finished, we all put our work up on a wall together and then finally the outcome came out quite nicely. I love the neutral colours and how each individual letter shows a part from the heart of Cardiff. I found that when the class presented their work, it was a good way of seeing different styles and ideas.image

Typography Introduction & Experimentation

What is typography? Ty­pog­ra­phy is the vi­sual com­po­nent of the writ­ten word.


Typeface has a lot of terminology and are various terms used for each part of the letter. For example, ‘baseline’ in the line the word sits on; kerning is the space between each letter; tracking is the inter-word spacing and leading is the interline spacing. Above are some notes that I wrote in my book to remember what certain typefaces there is and how they are all structured. Throughout my this project I hope to have a better understanding of the term typography.

The type below is some of the experimentation I did on Illustrator. I found that it was quite therapeutic. I enjoyed distorting the letters in various ways, for example some look to be melting, some with sharp edges and finally my favourite type, which is the top right one. I like this type because it looks like smashed glass, all broken up. I found that experimenting with type like this, helps me improve with illustrator and gives me ideas for future designs.image

My First Blog Post

Finally I have been able to create my first blog, which will be involving everything that inspires and interests me alongside some of my own work.

For my first task as a student at Cardiff metropolitan University, I was given the task to design the first initial of my name in the style of an illuminated letterform and show within my workings who I am as a person? why I want to come university? and who inspires me? The style of my design was based on the Ocean. The reason for this is because I am from the Cornwall and wanted to show a little bit of my home. I lived in a whole different world of beaches, surfers, local people and the relaxing atmosphere. I had done that for so long, that I needed a new adventure. A world of glam, nightlife, new people and just the general hustle and bustle. Studying at Cardiff Metropolitan I felt gave me a good opportunity to extend my work and live in a whole new environment; which is why I have made the tails of the fish and watercolour drift out into the positive areas of the illustration, showing that I am moving away. I used three clams to replicate the style of the three feathers, which is the logo sign for the welsh rugby team. Then finally I portrayed the theme of the Ocean, to resemble my inspiration which was my home. Designing and presenting this task to my graphics class benefits me because it portrays my skills set and style. unnamed