Penguin Project

Task: The Penguin Random House Student Design Award is an opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in design to experience real cover design briefs first-hand. They have given us the opportunity to design them a book cover for either Animal Farm or Noughts & Crosses. The person who wins the competition gets to do a 4 week placement at penguin book studios.

Animal Farm

Anima Farm is about an allegorical novella by George Orwell, first published in England on 17 August 1945. According to Orwell, the book reflects events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and then on into the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union.”All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” This quote in the book sums up what the book is about, which is equality.

These are the books that have been designed for it already.

My thoughts: 

I quite like how these book covers send off a certain vintage and western theme for the readers. The style of art movement being used looks very DADA. The colours being used are red, which is a very striking colour so the book seems like it has been designed to stand out. Also a lot of animals have been used on the front so it makes me wonder that if I design a cover for this book is there a way that I could mix it up without portraying animals.

Noughts & Crosses

Noughts & Crosses is a series by English author Malorie Blackman. The series describes an alternative history in which humans evolved in which African people had gained a technological and organisational advantage over the European people, rather than the other way around, with Africans having made Europeans their slaves. The series takes place in an alternate 21st-century Britain. It explains this through two main characters Callum and Sephy, who end up having a friendship that cannot be accepted.

Here are some examples of covers that have been designed for Noughts & Crosses.

My thoughts:

I really like how bold and simple these designs are, I love how it still has the same consistency throughout all the books. The only difference they all have that gives them a different identity is the different colours being used. I like this because it has a nice theme to it and it becomes more recognizable for readers to see a certain familiarity.


Final outcome of book

The Never Ending Wander Book


This is my final outcome of my book, which is called, The never ending wander book. I decided to call it this because my whole book is about continuous line drawing which is one drawing leading on to another, which is what I wanted my journey to be about one adventure leading on to the next.

Before I left I wanted to design the book so that I could take it to India and have a go at doing the drawings each day. When it came to drawing them in India, I found it difficult to find the time to do the book out there, so I only managed to do it one I found free time. Once I got back I finalised the drawings, but still believe that I need to do more work to them, as it’s not the best pieces of work I have ever done. Although my drawings didn’t turn out how I wanted them I am so proud of my bookbinding. When I went back to university I wanted to make a box so that the whole of it had a nice casing making it look more professional.

India Experience

The Rajasthan trip for my second field choice was one of the best decisions I had ever made. This trip gave me one of the most amazing, life changing experiences I could of ever done. The journey throughout India had taught me so much from setting off on the plane to landing back home. My group who I went out with were remarkable, funny, smart, creative and I thoroughly enjoyed spending every minute with them.

When I landed in Jaipur I wasn’t sure what I was going to expect, in an ideal world I didn’t think I would see as much poverty in Jaipur. However it gave me a complete reality check and made me become enlighten to how India can look from the poorest scale right up to the richest. I found that Jaipur there was lots to do and see, I don’t think there was ever a dull moment, I always had something to do. At the start of the trip I became very ill and had to go on medication but even though I wasn’t good the group were so supportive and helpful. It was nice to work with a team that cared so much about one another. My first impression in Jaipur was that I thought it was beautiful but I don’t think I would be confident enough to come back again as I found we were harassed a lot more by the locals just purely out of the curiosity they had. However throughout the week the place started growing on me and I started to become more confident with my surroundings. Below are a few glimpse of my first week in Jaipur.



When arriving in Udaipur it showed me how diverse India is as a country. It was amazing to see the local people and get to know them. I could see their outlook on life was to just live life and help others when possible. What I loved about the trip and what I will take back with me is that the people were so resourceful with the littlest amount of things the owned. Like for example making paper out of poop, using the soil to create clay, hand binding books to sell on and so much more. It just showed me that anything is possible even without all this technology around us. I’m so thankful that I got to observe all the skills and techniques that the people used, it was amazing to take in to account the dedication and detail they add to their work. In Udaipur I felt so much more comfortable, I wasn’t sure whether that was because I was getting use to the life in India or because it was just less chaotic as Jaipur. Having this confidence allowed me to be happy to walk and explore on my own, and learn how to hold myself in certain situations. Having this outlook on how I felt at the end of the week made me realise that I shouldn’t underestimate myself, because right at the start of the trip I didn’t think I would be able to handle the culture of India and here I am now wanting to continue on exploring.

Throughout this field project I feel like I have learnt so much as a designer. It has made me see what the most important aspects of life there is and how I choose to live it. I have purposely explored other design techniques by expanding outside my subject area as I thought that this is a good way to develop myself as a creative person. I have explored wood carving, 3D making, photography, video editing, augmented reality, layout design, book binding, block printing, tie dye, ceramics, paper making, miniature painting, etc. I’m so happy that I stood out of my comfort zone because it makes me grow as a designer and as an individual. By having a wider skill set allows greater idea’s for further projects which I am very excited about. This project has given me great ideas for my final outcome which is my book design. I’m looking forward to handing this in and trying out new projects to come. I would like to think in the future i will be able to get in to a job that will give me the opportunity to travel and widen my skills and knowledge of the world and design.

India- Cafe Design

At the Grasswood cafe I was given an opportunity from the owner to paint something on his walls. I had help from three other girls, Lily, Kelly and Lucy. Their help was useful as we all agreed on what angle we wanted to design from and how we were going to do it. We were told from the owner he wanted it to be very bohemian and show something that could contrast along the lines of lunch, coffee, food and people. He spoke about the involvement of type so we decided to use a friendly and inspiring quote that represented good coffee and for people to see well in the world. Once the type was finished with a dark grey colour, we then moved on to the decoration, which was a combination of leaves and flowers. It found this experience really beneficial as it gave me a chance to work with a client and fulfill his requirements. It was also lovely to feel that I had left my mark in India.








Me and a few others went to a café where the owner wanted us to paint something on his walls. He wanted some typography which I was keen to do as this is a big aspect of Graphic Communication. We each worked on the words and related the quote to the café he was really pleased with the final outcome that we had produced and it was fulfilling to leave our mark in India.

India- Tie dye

Here are some images of me being taught how to create patterns with the process of tye dying fabric. This was a very useful skill for me to learn as I thoroughly enjoyed the process and hope to continue working with more tie dye designs in the future. I liked how at the end each result was different and how the various colours complimented each other as they merged with one another.

Although I have never been in to textiles, I really liked the development of creating design through ink, natural remedies and using natural resources to create art. In the future I would like to think I could collaborate this kind of work with in my area of field.i

India- Minature Painting

This session consisted of me learning how to do miniature painting, which is a very popular process out in India. I have realised that the people in India love sight of detail and creativity. Although I found this very fiddly and struggled to keep the painting neat, it was very interesting to attempt. I struggled because I work quite messy so it was nice practising from a different perspective. I was very gutted because I had drawn a really nice drawing of my elephant but it was quite messy so they rubbed it out and made me start again. I thought that it was quite brutal of them to do that, but I guess I had to learn from my mistake.

India- Contemporary Design Museum

My tutor Ingrid told us all that she would be exhibiting some of her work in a contemporary museum in Jaipur. We all thought it would be a wonder experience to see where she might be having her work placed. When I arrived it was lovely to see how Rajasthan viewed contempory art. We weren’t there for long but it was nice to take it all in to account and it gave me a lot of inspiration such as the patterns and the way certain designs had been laid out.