For the packaging we discussed on having a go at putting the scarves in a cylinder container. However, found that this was a very expensive and time-consuming outcome, which is why we moved past this and on to paper bags. We thought that it would be good to wrap the scarves up in tissue paper and then stick it with our TYMOR stickers that Rhiannon had made. Then finally we thought for the finishing touch, we would place the scarves in the bag and then close the bags up with a digital stitch TYMOR ribbon.


Digital stitch labels

For the tags we wanted to work from a very organic perspective using wood to place on the scarf. However, we were told that it wouldn’t look very luxurious, so we moved on to wood but realized that it would look too heavy for the style we were creating. Which is why we decided to stick with ribbon so that it looked more professional. When it came to stitching we practiced a little with the original logo at the start, but once everything had transitioned into the changing of the name for our project, which is called TYMOR. We ended up doing a final stitch on Grosgrain ribbon, which is the fabric that is most commonly used in the fashion industry.

When it came to choosing the colour of the label we were originally going to go for a white background and black text but once we placed the white on a scarf it seemed to stand out too much, where as the black was a lot more subtle.










PDP Personal Development

Throughout Posthumanism of art and design, I have explored in depth, gathering and learning new knowledge with in the areas of matter, ecology and ethics. This has become a new concept that I perceive to be beneficial with in my profession Graphic design. I hope that these constellation classes will help me to improve as a better designer, through creativity, knowledge and have a better understanding of the world. I also hope to academically be able to share my views in a professional way. This subject I found was a lot like my previous constellation group last year, which was New materialism: body-matter- environment. Having noticed these similarities that both subjects had, I found it easier to have a better understanding within my present subject and to be able to prepare for myself for my essay.

In my first lecture it opened my eyes up to a broader perspective of how I see the world. It taught me that even though you cannot see something, it does not mean that it isn’t there. The space between a human and object isn’t just empty, but that it is full. There is a medium through which we work, communicate or act on. In this lecturer it focused around on what air was, which is the research that I used to support my essay, which was very helpful. This was most probably my favourite lesson, as it made me second-guess, how I perceived air. Making me realize that because I cannot see it air, does not mean that it does not have importance.

Another subject that I learnt about was Thing Power, which is the curious ability of inanimate things to animate, to act, and to produce effects dramatically and subtle. Also Vital Materiality, that can never really be thrown away, for it continues its activities, even as a discarded or unwanted commodity. I investigated to learn how humans wish to have an aim to control and conceal. For instance water, humans rarely use water from its natural source. For example, rain, gutters, puddles, rivers, oceans and other sources. Instead we have turned the use of water into a domesticated element for humans to take advantage of. However, water can only be wild when we make a mistake like spilling a cup. I found this task very interesting to learn because it showed me insight to how people perceive elements with in the world and how they act on them.

I also learnt about what makes a thing different from an object? Of which how objects of all sorts can be different from a chair and desk that support my body and my work. Although, a tree and a stone is not an object at all, but a certain element that has gathered together throughout the threads of life. Showing that, it is only an object when we artificially exercise it from the process of erosion and deposition. Overall an object is an unanimated object and a thing is the evolution of an object. This section then lead me in to the link with in my essay where I spoke about the journey of a bottle, of how it evolved from a bottle, sea glass and then a necklace. I found this lecture very challenging as I couldn’t quite get my head wrapped around the concept of learning the definition of the thing power and vital materiality.

I then went in to learning about, is what you make worth what you destroy? This lecture involved investigating how our creative impetus may affect, disrupt, change, destroy or eradicate human and non-human worlds. This lecture made me have a better understanding of the human and non-human world, of which added to my final decision of what I was going to base my essay on.

I have learnt so much more throughout my lectures that have lead me to my final decision of what to do with my essay. I have found these classes very beneficial for my practice and myself as I have improved on my essay writing, knowledge and how I perceive the world. It’s even opened me up to having an interest with in books; I had never thought I would be interested in before. For instance a book about the brain by David Eagleman, it made me visually understand how humans perceive their perception of the world and it has given me more knowledge of how the human mind works. Having a better understanding of how the mind works has given me a better view on how I can communicate with my audiences when facing a design brief for my profession.

I decided to do my essay based around reality, as I realized that I enjoyed learning about the body and perceptions. I thought that it would be a nice link to work with and see what information I could gather together. I found this essay very challenging, as it was a very broad topic I gave myself. I feel that I could have narrowed it down to a simpler question. However although I have challenged myself with this question, I feel it tests me to improve my skills and go the extra mile of learning new knowledge and getting out of my comfort zone. Overall I really enjoyed writing this essay as it gave insight to new knowledge, perceptions test such as the Rorschach theory and learning about how the brain works. This essay has benefited me because it has encouraged me to learn more about communications.

What I really struggled with throughout my time in my lectures of Posthumanism and my essay. Is being able to have the ability to show the connections with in referencing and basically summarizing what the plots were. For instance in my essay I wanted to keep making sure that it was flowing nicely throughout the paragraphs, just so that then it help to show a better understanding of what my theory was all about and to be able to keep the reader intrigued. Other than that, I’ve enjoyed being taught this knowledge in my lectures and hope that it will lead me to be a successful designer in the future.P

Final TYMOR Poster

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 14.31.30

This is our final TYMOR poster, which I designed to entice people to come see our unique scarves. I designed this so that I could place it around the university, convincing people to come visit our stall. I decided to use one of the images of the scarves that I had taken a photo. I thought that it would be a nice link from the banners that I had created for the display work.

For the title I continued to use Didot type so it still showed consistency. Then for the rest of the type I used Minion pro as it still showed similarities to the typeface used for the title. I wanted them to be different so it could show the hierarchy of which element is more important. I did ‘LIMITED EDITION OFFER!’ in capitals because I know that people love discounts and offers so if that were shown clearly it would make customers more involved with potentially wanting to buy a scarf. With the help of Rhiannon being able to speak English and Welsh we decided that because we have designed these scarves in wales and they are a welsh brand we wanted to be able to communicate with the welsh people as well. Which is why we used both languages. I did consider using sparkles for this, so that it also showed a connection to the advert, however Rhi and myself like the simplicity of the black and white, we found that it looked very modern and luxurious.

The only part of this that I would improve on is the word Wales. I accidently used a lower case letter ‘W’ for wales. I did not realise this until I had placed all the posters around the university, so for future improvements I need to make sure that I am constantly double checking my work.

Second TYMOR advert


This is my second TYMOR advert that I had designed to entice the audience to what would be sold at our sales event. I used the images that I had taken with my model and transferred them into the original advert. I thought I would find it difficult to combine these images into the original advert, but with a little practice and juggling around I figured it out. To improve I wish that I didn’t use the first photo because I feel like the image looks very false because of the way my model is standing. There is no connection of comfort from the posture that my model represented with the scarf. Other than that I loved the contrast of scarves being displayed because it gives the audience a sneak peak of what’s to come.

Modelling TYMOR product

For this I asked my friend Izzy Young, to model the scarves that Rhiannon and myself had designed. I wanted to do a shoot so that I could use these images for our second advert, which would be displayed around the CSAD Art & Design building. I asked Izzy to try and be comfortable with in the scarf and to show off the designs that were at the bottom so that it would stand out more. I really like these photos, however I wish that Izzys nails were designed more natural so that it created that natural beauty as a whole. Other than that it was nice being able to visually see the scarves on someone. It made it more surreal to see what myself and Rhi had accomplished.

Development of the TYMOR scarves

When it came to the point of designing the scarves, we all thought it would be a good idea to split apart and design a few scarves ourselves. However this didn’t turn out very well as we all came back with different styles. These were Amber’s scarves and although they do look nice, they weren’t the look we were going for. We did not discuss beads, which was very difficult, as all the others did not have this. Also the stitching on the left wasn’t symmetrical, so we had to start again fresh.

Due to our member Olivia dropping out of the group and Amber busy with her studies, it meant that most of the jobs were placed on to me and Rhiannon. The outcome of this had meant that we had to teach ourselves how to make a scarf in a very professional and quality way. Although this caused a lot of pressure for rhi, and me it allowed us to develop our skills with in a different discipline.