Competition- Presentation of Final Outcomes

For the final presentation I was unable to attend due to being unwell. However the layout of the presentation is presented below. Although I was unable to present, I was able to show the presentation in a tutorial with my lecture Ian. At the start of the slides I began with how I tackled the brief. I did this by breaking down the briefs descriptive words that showed what its intent was. The brief basically was asking the designer to influence people to be spontaneous and try new experiences. My angle from it was that they wanted to be able to inspire people. Which is therefor where it leads me to calling my sub-brand Virgin Inspire. 

I love my slogan You made it! Because it really sums up the feeling of satisfaction when you have accomplished a task or experience. I also like that it came to me through inspiration that I heard from a song. The song is called you made it by Weval, which is perfect because it relates so well, and became useful for when it came to clip the music down.

My designs that I did for the site pages were quite easy to do because I visually could see where it was leading. It progressed quite smoothly compared to what other projects I have done. For improvements I would love to make it more interactive, for example when the people scroll through the home page a video or where the whales tale is will show small glimpse and then if you want to watch it further than you can click on it. This is a very good technique because then it gives the viewer a clear understanding of what the intent of the website is about.

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Feedback from Tutorial

The feedback I recieved was very positive, I was told that I put in a lot of work and you could really get a view of how the website could look. However the main improvements were.

  1. Create an introduction and conclusion page for the video.
  2. Play around with the styles of the billboard.
  3. Do a front cover of the Virgin Inspire magazine for the flights.

Other than that it was quite straight forward and was told that my best bet when it comes to sending my work off to the competition is to create the perfect video. This is what my plan will be for over the christmas break.


Competition- Practice Presentation


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In my practice presentation I managed to get a lot of feedback that became very useful. My group seemed to really like my idea and thought that it was a good route to go down. This is because my idea is clear for the audience to understand. However after all the lovely compliments it got down to the important points, such as what I needed to improve on. Such as understanding why I chose Gill sans and Avenir to work alongside the current typeface which is Gotham. I did this because I was unable to get a hold of the typeface Gotham so instead I tried to find one that was similar. I’m glad I used a similiar typeface but different because in the logo ‘Virgin’ is in the Gotham typeface but ‘Inspire’ is in Gill sans. Using both typefaces throughout the system gives it consistency.

Another aspect of improvement that was suggested was the menu bar for flight and hotel. I didn’t quite get the feedback that was given to me until my lecture Ian had to break it down for me. He mentioned that because this section of the site is purely to inspire people to get a flight and hotel, and then why not get rid of the other tabs because they aren’t important. If people need to get back to the other pages then they can go back to the original home page of Virgin Atlantic.

I was also told that to do an advert is very high maintance and not easy to pull off so in my case it might be a better to use the navigation system. Which I thought was a great idea. In the past I have been awful at making videos because I could never understand after effects. It wasn’t until I sat down with Theo my lecture and he mentioned about being smart and trying out the on screen recording, this way it meant I just had to put pages on slides and record myself. This made me think of a saying that someone once told me, which was work smart not hard.

Competition- Navigation Video

First Storyboard

For my Virgin inspire piece I thought that it would be a good idea to rebrand a trailer for them because I noticed that most adverts for flight lines are very stereotypical. The majority of them all have screaming children, pools and family orientated trips. They also show this imaginary work of all the possible things you can do but the majority of the time it isn’t reality. The video I want to show has to be realistic, adventurous and calming. For the simple-minded people who want something different.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 17.55.20

Second Storyboard

This second draft allowed me to consider about abandoning my trailer and moving on to a navigation system. A video that shows the process of how you can use the website, simply and effectively. Although it is a rough copy it will still help guide me to how I want to present my video.

For the voice over I was going to use a womans voice but found that it wasn’t flowing right until I used a more masculine voice from my dad and immediately it sounded perfected. I showed a few people the contrast between a woman who was my mother and a man who was my father. The majority of people chose my Dad.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 16.34.39


Competition- Experimentation with layouts

When it came to understanding how I was going to layout the compositions of my Netflix style ideas I thought that it would be good to use icons as pathfinders. For example I thought for a hot country a sun icon, cold country a snowflake, buildings for the city and finally an umbrella with the ocean for the beach.

Below is an example of how I was going to portray my icons to navigate the viewer. What I also did was used big places across the Atlantic so that I could have a nice range of different places. Only problem is that after talking with Theo in a feedback session with him he told me that although this is good it could become confusing as well. This is because in most places the weather chances so does that mean all the other suggestions change as well.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 08.10.19

After this realization I decided to try come up with a new idea and the only way I could do that was to do more research. I thought the best place to start was to know where Virgin Atlantic flies and to my surprise they didn’t go many places. In the end I thought the best way to solve this is to have one column on the USA, Caribbean, Asia, Middle East and then with in them key titles there would be on the other places that they have suggested with in them countries.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 22.15.08

Below is an example of how I would use the country as the title and then list the places beyond it. I also used an image from one of the videos to act as a playback video as the home screen cover.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 17.43.28

Inspiration Page 

For the inspiration page I wanted a section on travel bloggers so that this is where viewers can look at their profiles and see how the bloggers experiences have gone since being with Virgin. I chose to use Instagram as it is one of the most common social networks used for social media. Perfect for people who want inspiration on travelling. I thought then it would be good to show the deals but once I placed it below the blogger section I felt like there was enough inspiration. It needed something more and I had also realized that I wasn’t colour grading like Virgin does so this is an improvement that I had noticed.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 22.36.20


Competition- Imagery

Researching into imagery I took up Rebecca Petts-Davies advice on how to get free images online. I managed to find some good images on a site called Unsplash, this was perfect because it helped me capture certain elements of my designs well. I tried to get a wide range of images that showed experience, people, culture and adventure. These photos will be good for the blogging page and the inspirational page.

Competition- Type, Slogan and colours

After my discussion with Ian I decided to call my rebrand Virgin Inspire. I called it this because I believe that before anyone puts their money down they want to know what the deal has to offer. If you print a very vivid reality into the audiences head it will make them want to feel like they are actually there. Which is why I feel inspire is well suited to how I aim to encourage my viewers.

Current Title:

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 20.37.44


I attempted to experiment with a range of typefaces, which are listed to the right. I tried calligraphy that I hand drawn myself but felt that it was too much because of the word Virgin in the bold red icon. I decided to work with something like Perpetua but thought that it looked like something designed for a newspaper. I then thought about using a similar typeface to Gotham which is what Virgin is. This didn’t go to plan because the dot on the i would too different. After so many trials I finally came to a decision of using Gill sans bold but placed in capital letters. I am so happy with this decision because I wanted to be able to separate inspire from virgin. I thought that it was strong enough to have its own identity.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 21.39.40



For my ideas I had a few suggestions to work with, all of which were strong in their own ways. One of my favourite slogans was inspire your desires. I thought this was strong because I remember Ian saying that it would be good if I could collaborate them words together but then I thought back to when Rebecca Petts-Davies told me that desire sounded too sexual. After this realisation I came to a blank wall in my mind and decided to take a break. Once again like the Netflix situation I decided to listen to some music and came across a song that said ‘you made it’ by Weval. Straightaway it was like a light went off and then I realised that personally whenever I go on a website to buy a flight it is because I managed to make enough money to go, so I made it. Also when you get to a destination you have the satisfaction of that feeling that you made it.


  • The time is now
  • Inspire your desires
  • Why not now?
  • Beyond the step
  • Live life spontaneously
  • Fresh perspectives
  • Know the unknown
  • Where would you go?
  • You made it

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 14.15.48


The colours that I plan to use are a purple, burgundy, red and gradient tone. I will use the occasional white for the background and type but my primary colours will be the ones above. I wanted to stick with the same colours as Virgin Atlantic, but just changed them to a tone that I preferred. I love the gradient colour the most because it makes the work a lot more professional so I hope to use this quite a bit throughout my work. What I have learned with creating a colour scheme is that it is could to keep track of the colour coding.

Competition- My Concept

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 20.46.00


My proposition for this brief is to tackle the key points of what Virgin Atlantic expects. The way I broke the brief down was to understand what words of importance they used. In this small section they wrote words such as Encourage and spontaneous which got me thinking that they wanted this to be very adventurous and influential. Immediately I began to research their site and thought that what Virgin needed was to inspire people more. Their site seemed boring and out of date, for each place they would sell it would only show one photo and a bunch of information. What I found out from most people is that not everyone can be bothered to read the text. Also you can’t get the beauty of a place or country by just looking at only one photo. My observation of Virgin is that it just looks like a money grabber; they have lost the ambition and adventurous side of inspiring people to go and follow their desires.


Current Website style:

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 20.32.05

Not only did I see the style of the website but I also saw little sections that I knew could of had some improvement on. Such as I found that the flight and car has an icon of an aeroplane and a car, however the flight and hotel section didn’t it just shows a suitcase. This made me think that it would be better off if the flight and hotel were like the flight and car, which would provide consistency.


Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 20.31.35


Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 21.10.01

Another improvement that I thought could work was replacing the see holidays with inspiration. The see holidays didn’t have much relevance so to replace it with inspiration makes people intrigued to wonder what will inspire them.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 21.12.54

After my research I knew that my aim was to be able to inspire people but I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do it. It wasn’t until I stepped away for a rest from work and came across Netflix. Suddenly I thought that the Virgin Atlantic could be themed like a Netflix, Instead of just seeing an image their could be short clip videos that represent what that place/country is about. At least this way it becomes more interactive and visual.


Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 20.42.45