Second Year Exhibition


For my second year exhibition I decided to go with my branding project, which was based on The Meander Exhibition. I designed the Meander Exhibition for the National Trust because the event was all about the art of being lost. I wanted to have a very organic and environmental theme to it. The event is consisted with a tree in the middle of a maze, of which would be used for people to write their emotions and experience on. This was so that everybody could see how one experience can be perceived in a thousand different ways. I wanted it to be included with in the National trust as this is a very well known conservation preservation that most people know of. Which is why I wanted it to play a big factor with in my designs.

I used the main logo to hold the piece together at the top, the logo is meant to symbolise the maze. The two posters either side showing elements of the national trust that would be holding my Meander Exhibition and finally the ticket, which would be handed out to visitors. The part I love the most is the twig on the wall with the labels that visitors would right on, I thought this would be a great idea as it creates that visible sense of how it could look in real life. I made some improvements by adjusting the logo and lines but other than that, I loved the layouts and images. I liked how the Meander Exhibition and national trust both complimented one another.




My final portfolio, has been featured with hyperlinks, images, information and style. I have used all my work from the past second year, from starting off with branding all the way through to ending it with persuasion. I have kept the same consistency of style throughout the whole digital me project, so that it would look more professional.

For my portfolio I made many alterations that were at there weakest such as making sure that when I had a design that was white, I had to put a border around it so you could determine which was the background and the design. Making sure that everything was symmetrical, as well as double-checking that the sizing of the type faces were correct. I still feel like there is more for me to do on my portfolio, but I know that is natural because I am always going to keep altering it as I will still be continuing to design. The one aspect of this that I want to work on further is the content page, because I feel that it doesn’t look as strong as the other pages. It is good I just feel like I need to experiment around with it more. Other than that I am happy with how it has turned out, I’ve never seen how a designer portfolio can look, but her I am creating mine and I can finally see that I am on the verge of getting there. Just need to keep inspiring myself with new ideas and keep taking in more skills and techniques.



Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 15.37.37

As you can see with my manifesto I designed it to come across the same style as my CV. This has been done so because I feel that it looks more professional when it shows consistency.  The image is the same one as the image I used for my CV, it is just a little bit more full. The Digital Me text has been written again by me, showing that illustrative and fun giving look about it. The information on the side has been written in a way that expresses me in what I believe in and who I want to be. It doesn’t really explain what I want to do because I have too many passions and desires. I try not to wish for them too hard, because they might not happen. For now all I want to do is to learn and enjoy them. I feel like, as an individual you grow and change, so to determine what I want to do now is crazy because it could change by next week. All I can do for now is understand who I want to be and how I’m going to be it.



For my CV I wanted to work with something more original, well composition and imaginative. I used elements such as icons to show my passion and hobbies, I thought this was a little different than just doing the original bullet point or sentences. I did a bar chart at the bottom of the page but found out from an afterlife talk from a designer that this is something they don’t like to see because it shows your weakness not your strengths. I used the colour blue because it is my favourite colour and it reminded me of a business card I created a long time ago, which is why I thought I would experiment on it with my CV so that it showed consistency. I used shapes for the corners because from my eyes it symbolises connections of different forms of communication. This stems from the little world I have designed for the page. I came to a conclusion with this CV thinking it was the one until I showed a few people and it didn’t seem to have the response I wanted and I still felt like I was showing a glimpse of me.

I began to move away from my old design due to the fact that it did not show who I am as a designer. I decided to work with an image of a place that is my home, a beach that I love to spend my days at. I stuck with the same structure of the last design, just tweaked a few things like the corner shape and the circle surrounding the name Megan Jones. For my logo, I decided to write out my name in a rough and illustrative format and use the colour white so it was as if the name was appearing from the light of the sun.  I used the grey colour from the image of the world I designed as that is an important element for me to have on this page because I have a passion for communication. I did two pages for this but the feedback I received told me to try putting all my information on one page, to take away the icons and shapes. I was considering whether to do this but was informed that my CV didn’t need it, as it was already strong portraying me as a designer.

Looking at the CV I have now, I feel now I can look back and come to a conclusion that this is I.  In my ‘Me’ paragraph I wanted to talk about what I am capable of and what drives me as an individual. I thought it was good to show a glimpse of where my morals lye. For ‘Skills’ I thought it would be good to talk about what I have done in the past and what I learned from it. This as a designer is good because this shows them how I have progressed. I showed my work experience, but was reluctant too as I have no work experience with in design so I hope with in time I will have a few design agencies to place instead. For my education I just wanted to mention where I went but did not discuss what they were like. I found that all of them were pretty similar so each section would of become very repetitive and that’s the last thing I want my future employer to be is bored. Last section is my two references, one that is a woman who I work with and have for a number of years. She has taught me so much and always believed in me so I knew whatever she had to say to one of my future employers it would be nothing but complimentary and truthful. I used my lecturer because I thought it would be good to use someone from my education background. This is because who ever will hire me will get a glimpse of what kind of student I was with in the years of studying. I know that with in time this CV will change and progress into something else, but for now I am happy with the outcome of it and cannot wait for employers to see it.


Degree Show

The plus show was very interesting and inspiration to look through. Before starting I wanted to look at the leaflet, the third years had produced. This was useful because it prepares me to how my exhibition could turn out like next year. The only part I would say is that from what I have learned in Digtial Me, is that welsh text should come before the English text. Other than that the design of it was well constructed and unique.



For the degree show I thought there was a lot of well thought out designs. My favourite pieces were the natural based ones that were to do with branding products and sustainability. I got lots of great ideas from this show; it was very creative and interactive for the audience to get involved with. I would like to think that next year when I have my degree show, I will be able to have a piece that can interact with people and show a glimpse of what I believe in.

Personal Logo

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 13.13.30

When it came to designing a logo for myself, I thought back to when I did the 100 design logos session. I remembered Theo telling me to try stay away from my first name and last name, to move on to something that could be unique and show my style well. Experimenting with a few layout designs I finally decided to go with a nickname that people call me, which is jonese. I thought about doing it in a very bold and strong format like Helvetica because it looks very professional and is used for formality situations.

However I spoke to my lecturer and he spoke about how he didn’t feel that there was much personality there. That maybe I needed to do something that was more personal, which is why I then wrote my own name out very illustrative. I did it in a way, which was very free, fun and quirky and light on the eye. That’s the look I prefer, nothing too serious but straight to the point. I wanted it to stat in capitals because I loved the length of it all looking similar; I felt that using lower case would make that difficult.


Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 13.13.19

Online Website

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 08.36.44.png

For my website I didn’t want the background to distract the layout of my designs so I kept it clean and clear so that my designs could speak for themselves. I have used many features such as links directing you to my twitter, Instagram and Linkedin account. As well as using one of my favourite quotes which is ‘Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.’ i have put this on the homepage so that it is the first feature that viewers will see.  Not only have I put a few of my second year work but also work outside of university. I still feel that I need to learn and improve more on Wix but for now I really like that I can see my work in a professional manor.