Changing Faces Project- Final Piece


This is my final outcome of my Slavery Magazine. I’m very happy with my finished piece as it’s turned out very well for my finals. I found the development process very interesting to experience, as this was my first time constructing a magazine. When I was designing this I felt quite passionate about it because it is a very truthful piece that is well known around the world but is silently dismissed. Which is why I liked that I could act on a design that portrays a very strong message to the audience. For this piece I believe my target audience would be more for the early and older generation, as it is very modern and conservative. However, I did want it to be capturing enough for the younger generation, by using a strong sense of imagery to make it become simpler to send a message across about slavery. I find that readers can sometimes get lost with in words so to give readers a visual representation is very helpful for the imagination.

The part I found most difficult was the printing process as the colouring kept coming out wrong and the company I got my work printed with, made a lot of mistakes. One of the errors was that they didn’t put crop marks on two of my documents which made it trickier for me to cut down. However, that was an obstacle that I just had to work with and deal with. Other than that, it was a very smooth process designing this magazine and I’m very happy with the end result. The last time I used InDesign was when I did a catalog for Design boom, since then I have found I’ve improved more within the software InDesign. For Design boom I wasn’t as confident with the software, which is why it looked quite safe and plain. With the improvements and development I have made on it I have seen my skills and techniques advance with time.

One thing that I would improve on to make my piece more bolder would be the paper. I think that matte or glossy paper would of made the piece look more professional rather than just normal paper. For my future projects I know now that it’s worth putting in that extra money ao that the work has a full potential of quality. Other than that I’m very happy with my outcome and looking forward to seeing it at the exhibition.


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