Changing Faces Project- Last Feedback

Front Cover 

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 21.44.05

From my last feedback I just had to make sure that the colour of the black on the image was the same colour black used for the background. I found it quite hard to detect the change in colours on the page. It wasn’t until I put it on to a PDF document that I then could see the difference. I also made sure that the outline of the world was more defined, making it look sharper.

Captivity Spread

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 21.30.05

The improvements I was told to make on this page was the leading of the call out ’20 million.’ I adjusted it slightly to make sure it was the same distance as the rest of the lines. I thought that ‘it’s a money making world’ wasn’t all on the same line, however I knew it was as I measured it on the grid. It was just my eyes being funny from the different sizing of the sentenced. I used 45pt size for just money and the rest 40pt. I was told my rag was good, however I feel that I need to improve on it more as I can still see a few curving’s in the paragraphs.

   The Bondage Industry Spread

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 21.30.22

For this spread I didn’t need to change much as I had already experiment enough within the imagery, type and neatened up on the rag. I knew that in my feedback I was told that the lines above my quote wasn’t needed, however I wanted them there because I liked the consistency throughout the magazine and how they have been used. It makes them standout more, by defining them.

Back Cover Spread

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 21.30.39

For my back cover I was having the same issues with the colouring. However, from the help of Matt he got me to understand how to check the colour tones. I still really like the simplicity of this back cover, I find that it is very influential, because the hands can mean praying to god, asking for help and the chains connote being trapped.


Final Improvements

The other improvements I was told on was about how I could of been more ambitious with the typography. I didn’t want to go very crazy and fun with my piece because I think it is quite a serious matter and it deserved a very conservative modern look to it. Also for this piece my angle was to come from a more imagery perspective that a typographic perspective. I believe that an image can speak a thousand words and typography is just a back up. It might have been interesting to experiment more from a typographic perspective, but I knew from the start that my angle was on the imagery.

I was also told to be more ambitious with the sizing of my article. I agree with this as I believe I played it to safe, however I felt as it was my first time making a magazine, I wanted to play the safe game so that I could understand the process of how it all is developed and then for future reference I know what to do and what techniques can be used.


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