Personal Development Plan

In Constellation, I have had the opportunity to widen my knowledge to areas of the fields that are based around fashion, philosophy, sustainability, neo-futurism and more. I’ve had the pleasure of learning and understanding these subjects with in my keynote lectures. Having a taste of these subjects has gave me an insight to how the art world works and has shown me a complete different perspective with what the power of art can do.

When it came to the time of deciding which subject to focus more closely on, I found it very difficult to choose. I wanted to do ‘New materialism’ because it seemed like a very broad subject and ‘Things can be otherwise’ which was based on philosophy. However, doing these subjects I thought that it would be too much pressure and I wouldn’t have the knowledge or capability to construct work. Which is why I chose smells like teen spirit and things can be otherwise. Unfortunately I didn’t get smells like teen spirit and instead got new materialism. Although I was nervous from this outcome, I felt in some ways it was fate that I went with my original options. I learned so much with in those sessions and about myself. However, throughout this process I learned that I was capable to do the work and found a passion within in an area of the arts that I never even knew about.

For my first term I did the New Materialism and what I gathered from the lectures was amazing. I went in with a complete open mind and learned how to see the world from a different perspective. One task that I loved learning was that I had to draw a circle with a pen and paper down on a surface. Once we had drawn it, we were told to draw it again, but this time we had to hang the paper in thin air. We found that we could draw a perfect circle on paper, but couldn’t draw it perfectly, when the paper was held in the air. We were asked why is that? Who or what fault was it, that we couldn’t draw a perfect circle when the paper was held in the air? Our response was that we didn’t have a hard surface, the pen wasn’t bold enough and that the person wasn’t holding the paper still. However, we were forgetting about what we couldn’t see. We were oblivious to the concept that the answer could have been because of gravity, air or even the forces of nature.

This helped me develop as a designer with in my discipline because it showed me that the answer is always right in front of your eyes, I just have to be open to my surroundings and ideas. Taking on new materialism surprised me as I found a whole new depth of knowledge, which I invested into my writings and I felt as if I was a different person. Out of everything that I have learnt, I couldn’t of done it without my lecturer. I felt as if the lecturer new how to capture the students attention and kept them intrigued. I felt like I was always being tested whether I knew it or not and sometimes I would get all the way through the lecture wondering with confusion and finally an answer would be revealed and I would be filled with amazement every time.

For my end of term essay I wrote about Body modification, which was about how people modificate their bodies to become the state of perfection. I enjoyed writing this because I felt that I could relate from historical events to modern events. One of the main points I had spoke about was the lotus feet which was when Chinese women would bind their feet causing deformation and severe pain, in order to pleasure the men as it was a symbol of beauty. I’m very happy with the outcome of it as it got me a good mark and I was very confident with what I had produced.

For my second term I went into Things can be otherwise, which was based around philosophy. With in these sessions I found that I was forever asking questions that I never really had an answer to, which was kind of interesting. I had learnt that with in philosophy its more about the journey of finding the answers rather than knowing them. Which I can relate to within my practice, having to know what all my outcomes are before making a final piece. From what I understood from the lectures, was very beneficial. I learned about how modern technology and humans have progressed and how the art culture has influenced the transitioning of humans. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend all the lectures as I went on a study trip, however what I learnt was that as a designer it’s good to have questions and not always having the answers but just embracing the journey of seeking for them.

The essay I have decided to do for the second end of term is based on what it means to be human. Which basically shows my theory of how humans are moving away from the definition of human and are now transitioning into the term cyborg. I have found this essay trickier than my other one because I felt I went with more of a harder and broader topic, which made me step out of my comfort zone. Although I’m glad I did because it has challenged me and also improves me as a designer. Testing my knowledge and capability of what I can produce.

Overall I have found Constellation very beneficial, I like how it has tested me and put me out of my comfort zone showing me that I can do it and that there is a world of imagination still waiting to be found. Even though I have enjoyed every moment of learning and exploring these disciplines, I believe it would be good if next time I try another discipline that I wouldn’t normally go for. That way it opens my horizon to new ideas and concepts, making me prepared for my future with in the design world.




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