3rd Year Degree Exhibition


Going to the 3rd year exhibition gave me the opportunity to know how to set an exhibition up and to get inspiration for future design ideas. I really enjoyed attending this event as I got to speak to lots of designers and see a few pieces of work that caught my eye. My top 3 that I loved were designs below:

Lucie De Maid


This was the first design that caught my eye when I walked into the exhibition. It caught my eye because of the florescent colours and the good composition of the cocktail menu. I felt like the layout was very complimenting and I liked how it was portrayed on the wall. It has quite a retro, vintage and psychedelic twist about it. The only advice I would give for this student is to get business cards to hand out to people. Although I got this business card that was specifically designed for her work, I would of preferred to see the details of the student so that readers could contact the designer if wanted. Also it would be good for people to have a business card, so that people know how to contact the student for future commissions. Other than that I believe that it is a strong piece.

Zuzanna El Tanbouli


Zuzanna El Tanbouli who I had met on my travels to China did this piece. Whilst we were on our travels, I could see that at times she would be constructing her work together and I was able to see little bits of what she was going to present. It was nice that I got to see a little bit of her journey throughout the development of her work. Reflecting back on this final piece I can see how it all ties in together, the colours compliment one another and I love the use of images. To improve on the layout of the piece I would just make sure that the magazine is positioned portrait than landscape. As it is would be simpler to see from a far what it is rather than a reader having to turn their heads.

Dan Davies


When I seen this piece I thought that it had a good and strong sense of typography. I could tell this work was very well thought out and experimental. I like how the typography shows a clear pathway to wear the reader should look. What I also liked was that there were cards on the side that asked the readers different questions, for example I picked one up and it said, ‘What was the funniest moment you’ve ever had?’ This was good because it made the piece interactive with the readers and kept them interested.


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