Elsie Magazine Live


The event I attended to was about a designer named Les Jones, setting up his own magazine brand. I found it very interesting to hear about how he started with a big idea and decided to act on it and make it become real. The concepts and designs he came up with were very creative, I could really see that he was a good visionary designer. I found that he was good at thinking outside the box and producing the work. What I liked about this is that he was very good at interacting with the audience, getting them involved making the audience understand what his ideas are all about. At the start of the event he told us to do a drawing on a post card and he would at the end randomly pick one. I wasn’t sure what to draw, until cheese came to mind and I thought that a light hearted drawing would be the best approach.


I like designer events because they give me more knowledge and avenues I could potentially go down. They also provide me with the confidence to believe in my work. It was actually quite interesting because when I went to go have a look at all the magazines he had designed. I came across one that really shot out to me a while ago and I couldn’t believe that it was his work. It was a very good feeling researching into a book and then getting to meet the person behind the finished product.


This is the book that I came across and spoke about in my past blog. It shot out to me because I love the simplicity of the image, making it look vintage and also the weather giving it that mystical haze to it. It’s almost as if he’s giving the book two styles vintage and modern twist. He has collaborated the modern twist by using a very bold non-serif typeface and reversing the ‘F’ gives it a quirky twist to the book. Making this become such a lively magazine cover.



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