Changing Faces Project- Feedback

Front Cover Improvements

For the front cover, I didn’t need to make many improvements other than I had decided to make the gold more curved rather than sharped edged. It’s quite tricky to see from these images, but looking at them side by side I thought the curves gave it a more neater finish rather than the rough edging around the sides of the gold. I also made sure that the subheading ‘Can a french friar end the 21st century slave trade?’ was in line with the title ‘Slavery.’

Captivity Spread Improvements 

From my feedback that I was given I was told to experiment with the coins on the white page just as well as the black, almost as if they were falling away from the page. The one on the left is a version where I experimented with the sizing of them and the quantity. However, when I ended up changing the images from RGB to CMYK, I ended up changing the composition of them and they just happened to fall how they did on the image on the right. I felt that it had good amount of space and I preferred them being the same size as the ones on the black page.

The Bondage Industry Spread Improvements

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 12.26.12

On this page I experimented further with the image of my model. The feedback I was given was to try placing the gold on the models eye. I did try it but by adding the gold leaf to the image you couldn’t see the detail and texture within the eye. Which is why I used a gold colour and changed the opacity of it giving it a lighter tone allowing the detail to still come through. Then I used a brush effect on Photoshop, which would spray the paint of the eye evenly. I do like the outcome but I still prefer the image to have its original look, but I know that having this effect gives it more of an edge. Which is why I had decided to stay with it.

I also tried to play around with the composition of the paragraphs, making sure they’re all in line and trying to improve on the rag. What I learnt from this outcome is that I need to be more experimental with the rag of paragraphs.  Which will be my future aim for mu up coming projects.

Back Cover Improvements

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 12.26.21

For the back page I didn’t have to do many improvements other than making sure that the colour tones of the black were the same colours and that everything was even and in line. Other than that I’m quite happy with it and I’m glad I was more experimental with the back page, rather than leaving it as a plain black background.


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