Changing Faces Project- Layout Outcomes

Front Cover

For the front Cover I thought about using the image of my model Lily, as it’s quite a strong photo. However, I thought it was best using it for the bondage industry page, so I continued to experiment around with placing the map on the front. I began keeping it just black and white, but found that it was looking a little boring so I placed the gold in the areas that slavery is most popularly found around the world. I felt that the colours were striking and it really complimented the text. For the text I used minion pro because I found that the serifs were strong and well structured. On my research most slavery articles used serifs, as I could see that it looked more effective. The composition of the image I tried a white border but got feedback from a lot of people that it looked more effective having the whole background as black.

Captivity Spread

For the inside of the article, I thought about doing the page background white and as I had decided to do the outer cover black. However I found that it was looking bland and was too much positive space. The feedback that I got back from some students and my lecturer, was that the text I placed under the image looked like writing wrote for the image when really it was the introduction. I basically had to improve then on the hierarchy working out how I could make the introduction stand out more. Working with the feedback that I got back about the spacing on the page I was told to try filling the page out with the image. I thought about having white lines through the image but felt that it was segregating the composition up to much. Which is then how I came to the outcome of expanding the image to cover the whole page.

Bondage Spread

These were a few of my original outcomes that I started working with. The image of my model Lily placed across the two spreads, was my first draft; I quite liked how the text was placed over the image giving it a good sense of space. However, having the image in the middle I thought when it was placed into a book the image wouldn’t be as clear. I continued to experiment with the imagery and found that the photo of just the models face was more effective. It was as if she was hiding in the shadows. I began placing the text away from the image so that it could give more depth but what I was finding was that I really liked how the text was being placed over the forehead. It looked like a nice connection with the image and type.

I liked the type layering over the imagery and I even considered a bold typeface for the title. However looking at the outcome of it all, I felt that it was too harsh and the whole composition of it all wasn’t complimenting each other.

Here I moved on from the black background and decided to enlarge the image to take up a page, leaving the other side white for the text. With these pages I worked mainly on how I could fill the pages out more and seeing what composition I liked. I first worked with the title; I tried placing it across the two spreads doing half the letters white and half black. It showed a good connection but I felt it was still not strong enough. I tried placing it going down the column of the page but felt that it was difficult for the reader to see. Which is why I placed it big at the top center of the page and then decided to continue on to how I was going to layout out the rest of the type. I chose to try out a quote on the image because I still liked the connection of how the text overlapped the image from the previous designs I had done, so I tried to make sure I involved that element of work.

I added my slavery design to the page so that I could fill it up more, but felt that once I had placed it down it was too distracting. I liked the simplicity and elegance of it before with just the type and image.

Finally I moved on to liking the title placed on the image at the bottom. I had it placed above the image but felt that the image had more of a message to say than the type. Which is why I wanted it to be the main focus. I left the title white, but felt that it was to plain and it needed more gold to add to this page. Which is why I highlighted the whole text gold. I didn’t like the outcome of the title all gold because I felt it was too distracting which is why I chose on to have the one word that I thought had more of an impact to turn gold. Leaving the type at the bottom, originally I had a quote there, so I decided to move the quote to the other side of the page and chose yet another word to highlight in gold, which was life. I chose to highlight that because some people have to deal with this terror not just for days or weeks but also for their whole life. Before on the other template layout I tried working with 3 columns but felt that the text was looking to clustered which is why I chose to put it in 2 columns because I was still aiming to go for a very simplistic, modern and elegant look about it.

Back Page

For the back page I wanted to leave it blank because I thought when I came to printing it, the final outcome would look good. Just having the front cover as a message to readers would potentially be enough. However, from my feedback I was told to definitely add stuff to the back. I decided that the introduction I struggled with at the start of my article for captivity, I would place on to the back. I didn’t want the text to be on its own so I used the ‘S’ letterpress print to use as the starting point for slavery. I placed to lines above and below the design as I have used lines throughout the process of the article. I thought about placing it in the middle but felt it was to small and needed something more. I felt the more I was looking at it the more it reminded me of a barcode, which is why I experimented with it more around the bottom part of the page. I felt that having it at the bottom left hand corner would have been enough. Where as if I put it at the bottom in the middle I felt it needed something above it. Which is when I put my experimental illustration above, just giving it that finishing touch.


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