Changing Faces Project- Type work

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 19.43.24

For the type I decided not to use the title ‘Can a French Friar end the 21st-century slave trade.’ because I felt it was too long and would be good to use as a sub-heading. I experimented with a few typefaces, but had come to the decision of using minion pro because I love the serifs on the typeface and thought it stood out more than the others.

Getting the inspiration from the wavelength to go with a gold black and white article really helped because it gave me a direction of how to work. I chose to work with just one word that could come across to the audience in a short eye catching way. I worked with:

  • Enslavement
  • Slavery
  • Slavement
  • Slave
  • Slave Trade

I originally started with the word slave but felt that it needed to be a longer, which is why the title is now Slavery. I played with the effects on Photoshop, using a tutorial to help me get around to making the text look like gold. I liked the outcome but felt that it was too much and I still needed to experiment with some more ideas.

Above are some examples of my experimentation with in the process letterpress. I tried to create quite a rustic, bold and shady look. I tried a few techniques such as creating ghost shadows of the letters, smudges and twists in the paper. I decided to do this because I wanted to attempt at working Gold leaf paper into the prints.

This is the outcome of the gold placed on to the type. I really love how this has turned out. I feel it has given it that money making world effect that I wanted.

Here is another piece of type that I have experimented with using the letter press technique. I did this so that it could potentially be used for the beginning of a title. I first printed the ‘s’ in black and white then scanned it in to place the gold leaf texture on to it. When I was printing this I wanted it to come out quite rough and rustic. I didn’t want it looking sharp andd clean because I wanted it to be a little different than the other titles. Once I was Happy with the prints and the gold leaf texture I inverted it so that the background was black instead of white, as my article will be constructed in the background format of black.


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