Changing Faces Project- Image Work

Bondage Industry Image

For my article ‘Can a French friar end the 21st century slave trade?’ a section of it talks about the bondage industry. Whether it is being a slave working as a servant or even for sex, it is all done to serve the wealthy. I wanted to work with an image that showed emotion and depth. Something very capturing that could make people sympathize or even what to have knowledge about this circumstance.

When I was researching online for inspiration of imagery I came across this woman on the left and thought that it was so powerful. You can see the emotion of detail in her eyes, like as if she is staring into a world of nothing. Also how the tear trailing down her face is so perfect, that it emphasizes her emotion. There is no expression to this almost making her look lonely and empty. This was the exact effect I wanted my image to look like, connoting that slaves out in the real world is what they might be actually feeling, abandoned and alone. I decided to play around with the image changing the colour tones and giving it a wind effect making the image almost wash away as if the person’s soul is disappearing. The only problem with this is that I was told I had to use my own imagery, which is why I moved on from this outcome, but still decided to use it as inspiration.

I began taking photos in the style of the one above accept this time I wanted to use makeup to add to the illusion of my model lily being emotionally sad. The photos aren’t as clear on here, but it shows examples of some of the photos I took. I wanted to focus a lot of her eyes, trying to capture that emptiness within her and to also capture the tears falling down her cheek.

My top favourite I experimented with, were the ones below:

I love the darkness about these images and the scared emotions being portrayed. However, I felt they still weren’t capturing what I wanted so I decided to be more experimental with the editing side of it.


Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 19.39.18

Finally, I came across these and felt that they were bold, strong, defined and created that exact illusion of loneliness and sorrow. It’s got a shade of darkness to it that defines the model and it represents the image that I previously liked online. I will continue to experiment with these images, to get the best possible outcome. However, if I decide to stay with this I believe it will still come across as a powerful image.

Captivity Image

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 15.02.56

For this image I wanted to make prints out of coins so that I could create the illusion that it’s a moneymaking world. Slavery makes a big profit of money and if it weren’t for money it probably wouldn’t exist. I did this by brushing ink on to coins and pressing it down firmly on to white paper. I tried to make them all equally different, by making ghost prints, thin lines and bold ones. Once I was happy with the outcome I scanned the image in and inverted the image so that the background would be black and the coins would be white. I chose to work with black because I felt that this topic is quite a sad and dark topic, so I didn’t want it to come across in a lightening way. Once I was happy with the black and white image I then added my theme gold to it as that’s how it is going to look through out the book. The gold is meant to imply money and riches, linking back to the whole concept of society just being a moneymaking world.

Front Cover Map Image

For my front cover I was originally going to keep it as just type, but felt that it needed an image there to support the text. I began working with maps because I thought it would be interesting to convey to the audience an image that shows where the slavery is happening in the world. I tried playing with maps online and then editing them in Photoshop. The one on the left turned out very well but I didn’t think that there was any connection relating to the other images, which is why I continued to experiment. I had decided to go from a more positive and negative, I did this by doing an outline of the world map and then inverting it on Photoshop.

Here I tried experimenting with the coins being places into the map. I did like the final result but felt that they were both strong images on their own.

Then I thought that it would be good to use the gold to highlight the main places in the world that had slavery. I found the middle map online and used it as a guide to place the gold in the areas I wanted. Below is the final outcome:

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 16.31.09

I love the outcome of my map, I felt that it was very unique and definitely shows my point that the world is a money making world and I did this by using the map and the gold. Also showing how much slavery is known around the world, even in places people wouldn’t think possible. To improve this I would try to be more experimental with the gold leaf, just to see what other patterns I could make and even have it going off the map slightly to show that it’s over taking the world.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 15.16.28

Here I experimented with taking the white lines that showed the silhouette of a map away from the piece. Thought it would be interesting to test readers, into trying to work it out. However, I felt that it left the page quite plain and boring so I decided to stick with the outline of the world. I felt it made the image look stronger and defined.


Back Cover Image


This idea came about because I wanted it to show a symbol of belief linking it to the friar. I also wanted the chains and padlock to connote captivity; I felt that this image gave a message across to the reader in a very simplistic and explicit way. I didn’t want there being any confusion, I wanted my image to come across clear and serious, as slavery is something to be concerned about and not messed around with. I managed to design this in Photoshop, once I had illustrated the design. I inverted my work and placed the gold behind the design, causing the gold shine through.


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