Image Workshop

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This workshop was about an article on ‘Fine firms for sexist dress rules, say MPs’. I did this in a group with Izzy and Lily, together we collaborated a digital image that could best convey the article. The article was about how women were being discriminated in the workplace for wearing flat shoes when they should be wearing heels and the way their hair colour wasn’t up to the standard it should be. There was a lot of incidents of women being sent home with no pay because they wouldn’t wear heels. Some women had said that they couldn’t because of a medical condition but the workplace would not accept it. This design above was made to present to an audience about the discrimination towards women with in the workplace.

The image that we chose felt like it was very subtle but also empowering. We liked how we kept it very bold and defined without adding too much to distract the message. We went with the most stereotypical stiletto heels that most people in the world believe women should wear, we used it because we wanted to show the height of which abnormally bad it is for your feet.

As a group we decided to place the type going up the leg connoting the back of a woman’s stockings. Which can also imply of a woman’s provocativeness and sexuality. As we have deliberately made it suggest this illusion we decided to use colours that would add to the effect of it. We used a soft calligraphy styled font giving it that feminine touch to it, doing this we thought could of been risky because we wanted it clear enough for the audience to see. However, it was a risk we were willing to take because we felt that the image had a nice type pathway for an audience to read.  The text we included in the piece was the title and a question we had made up. We played around with a few sentences before deciding on our final one.

‘To what height is it acceptable to go to work.’

‘To what height is discrimination able to remain with in the workplace.’

‘To what height does discrimination extend to within the workplace?’

‘How high do we have to go too ban sexiest rules at work?’


We agreed on ‘How high do we have to go too ban sexiest rules at work?’ because we felt that it was more short and snappy, it got straight to the point and that’s what we wanted. Where as the others we a little long winded and would as strong as the one we had decided on.



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