Editorial Design Workshop



For this workshop myself, Izzy and Lily were given the topic of The UK Eurovision Song Contest. When I was first given this I didn’t know what it was where as the girls did, so I had to research my self up on the task being given. We found a lot of information on the 2017 UK contestant Lucie Jones and thought that we would base our editorial design around her. However, we found that it was looking to plain and constricting, we felt as if we weren’t stepping out of our boundaries with this information, so we continued the research.

We agreed as a group that we wanted to come from a complete different angle and wanted to create a cheesy, fun, cringe worthy editorial design. We gathered images of the contestants over the previous years from the Eurovision, which shows how over the top it was. We chose these images because we felt that they were good for a wide range target audience. We were unable to print the design off in colour, but I like how it is black and white because it shows a nice consistency across the pages and it allows us to use the ornge striking colour as the background. We chose this colour because we thought it was the most head turning colour being presented and that’s what we wanted our work to be like.

For this task we chose comic sans because we felt that because we were going for quite a playful article we wanted the text to compliment the effect as well. When we decided on this type we thought we were taking a big risk as comic sans isn’t a type you should normally use as its not sophisticated enough to the level of Helvetica or Gill Sans. However, we were confident in our decision and thought it represented our work in the best possible way. We focused a lot on making sure the hierarchy was clear by using regular and bold fonts, as well as the different point sizes.

To improve I feel we could of been more experimental with the layouts and maybe worked with the open space more. Other than that I feel we worked well as a team and really enjoyed having the chance to work with the compositions and style of this editorial design.


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