Type Detailing Workshop

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 16.12.44

For the type-detailing task I was given this brief to work from with my partner Ellie Reid. We began by understanding what key sources we needed to do for the task. Once we understood we moved on to designing it onto double page spreads.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 16.11.07

When we began collaborating this layout together we thought it would be best to work with the title first. We wanted it to have hierarchy over the rest of the text, making it the main visual point. Throughout this piece we thought it would be best to use Minion pro because we felt that it suited the style of the book and when the timing of the book had first come out. Giving it a traditional look about it.

Whilst experimenting with the text we found that we began staggering it and this allowed us to be more free with the text give it a nice open are for the text to compliment each other. The rest of the text other than the title weren’t done as bold so it wasn’t as important. We used a big letter ‘M’ because it’s normally found in most storytelling books. We also chose to have the quote a little off center, as we felt that it was more effective and daring doing it that way then having it more symmetrical.

We struggled with the printing process as we couldn’t get the right size but once we got the hang of it we understood our error and managed to work around it. I felt that Ellie and me were very successful of our piece and managed to relate well to Charles dickens style of books.



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