Project Changing Faces- Editorial Inspiration



I chose this editorial page because I loved the constrast of the lighting on the boys. The light in shinging directly on them making them the key characters of the magazine, implying that the story could be about them. I also quite like how the scenery looks old and antique but the type gives it a modern twist.


These articles shot out to me because of the text, I liked the composition of the titles and how the colour red distinctively highlights the hierarchy of the type. I like also how it’s got quite a simplistic look about it, nothing fancy, just very subtle.


I chose this because I loved the title and the style of it. Very bold and modern but it still puts the message across in a subtle way. These kinds of magazines make me consider whether I want to go with a bold and capturing magazines or whether to go with something more delicate and respectful.


This was one of the key photos I had found that made me lean towards slavery. I was a bit nervous to go for slavery because I didn’t want anything to come across insulting or racist. However, when I came across this article I decided that I want to do a magazine completely in black and white, so that you wouldn’t be able to identify an individual’s identity. The photos above though showed me different ways I could portray slavery other than just using people. Like identifying on a map where slavery is found or even showing a name on a grave from the lives that have been lost from the course of slavery.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 10.07.09


I chose this because it was a lot different from the others that I had chosen, but I liked how quirky it was. It looked quite psychedelic and I liked how it warped the two colours and type together making it all link in with one another. For my project I could potentially do something like this, implying that we are no individuals that we are all one in the same species.



When I seen this magazine above which my friend Clara Jonas had designed in. I had a brain wave of ideas flowing through; it was exactly how I imagined my editorial design to look. I like the black and white contrast giving the image a very rustic, old modern look about it. I love the Gold title flourishing right at the top giving it a good hierarchy. I found that all the elements on this front cover really compliment each other and I hope to create this kind of illusion with my article.


Editorial Inspiration

This is an editorial design I found on a design website called Behance. This work was collaborated for health and nutrition by a designer called Estudio Yeye. As soon as I seen this immediately I loved it and thought this kind of theme is exactly what I wanted to do for my final article. For the article, I thought it would be nice to do some print work to give it that nice, rustic texture to it. Then adding bits of gold with in the imagery I make. I have chose to do this because I thought it would be interesting to see a black and white image implying the good and bad, no judgment of colours just a single tone. Then with the gold, I thought that it would be interesting seeing the gold in certain areas connoting that it’s all about money and riches, just a money making world we live in.

Layout Inspiration

Elevate yourself – I this layout because I liked the composition of where the title and image were. I thought for my project it would look good to see one of my images and then a quote from the friar or a fact about slavery.

Tower– I chose this because I plan on being experimental with print and would like a good amount of room for it to be used and this showed me a good composition of how I good lay it out. I also liked how the title looked very subtle yet you can still see the clear heirachy.

Berlin- I really like the composition of this, I thought it could be good as an opening introduction page for my article. Also the lines being used I could use them but using gold lines to go in with my theme. The sizing of the images really work well and instead of using the large image of the right handside of the page, I could place text there so it evens the page out more.



Researching across books and sites about compositions, type and imagery of an article has given me inspiration to try out a few sketches in my book. Just to get a rough idea of how my article could potentially look.


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