Project Changing Faces

Project- Can A French Friar End The 21st- Century Slave Trade.

For this project I have to play the role as an editorial designer. I was given 10 articles to choose from and once I had choosen one I would then move on to designing the composition, text, images and

  • A decade lived in the dark.
  • About a boy.
  • Arron Banks -“brexit was a war. We won. There’s no turning back now.”
  • Can a French friar end the 21st century slave-trade.
  • Can president trump handle the truth?
  • Everything will change.
  • How an ancharist Bitcoin coder found himself fightig isis in syria.
  • I took the AI class facebookers are literally sprinting to get into.
  • Is fat killing you or sugar.
  • Sillicon valleys quest to live forever.

These are the 10 articles I was given, to choose from. The articles that I took an interest to is the ones that are highlighted. For me to help solve my decision I started to mind map outcomes.

Mind map & Sketches

Here are my mind map outcomes and I first started working on ‘everything will change’ and ‘About a boy’ I liked the idea of designing for these two because I had a lot of good ideas that I thought I could work with. I decided not to go with them though, as I have done many projects to do with the conservation of nature and about a boy my ideas weren’t strong enough for me to feel confident moving ahead.

I decided to go with Slavery because it was the only article that made me really want to pay attention and understand. Once I began researching into it, I became more and more excited to continue on with my ideas. The sketches I have done above are rough illustration to remind me of the symbolic ideas, just so that I can reflect on it throughout my process of my project design. I even highlighted on the article to make clear which parts I felt were most important and ideas I could put towards the final outcome.

This is the article about ‘Can a French Friar End the 21st Century Slave Trade.’ This is where I made notes for when I came in the development of making my designs.


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