Grooming and Radicalisation

Today I visited a lecture, on the techniques used for persuasion and manipulation by
revd Dr Paul Fitzpatrick. Dr Paul Fitzpatrick works in the terrorism unit within the university. He also works in the Home Office and is a Dr in Psychology.

I found this lecture very interesting, because it was all about how people can persuade and manipulate through the change of personalities, what we see, hear, smell and touch. He explains that it’s almost as if we can brainwash minds.

Key words of Abuse pre-determines:

  • Vunerability
  • Isolation
  • Insecurity
  • Injustice
  • Intolerance

He spoke about how identity is based upon narrative, that we can write our own memories and construct our own truths and lies. We have never been locked into a certain identity, we mold into what we wish to become and are subjective to our own narrative. That even our past memories can be adapted, so our history is effective and not accurate.

My Thoughts

Hearing about this today, made me think about how my work as a Graphic designer could make such a massive impact on audiences. Especially the innocent ones such as children, they are so vulnerable and will believe anything, so what I design will forever imprint in their minds. It was a good lecture to remind me about what kind of message I want to put across to the world and how I could go about it.


Fact: kafir (arabic)- unbeliever, it is used as a term of abuse. very offence.


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