Neil Hubbard


Neil Hubbard is a Product Designer at Heatherwick studios.

  • The brief is all the inspiration you need.
  • “Some thoughts on problem solving opportuniy finding.”
  • Know your content.
  • Create theatre.
  • making models work.
  • Making it real.
  • The importance of making.


Listening to this talk it had a massive impact on me because all though it was based on architecture Hubbard spoke about the importance of making your designs work, espically in the environment around you. I thought that he had built some of the most beautiful buildings in the most amazing countries and how they had given the countries a building that all had a unique style to them.

It was actually interesting because when I went to london I went to the Design Muesum and seen one of his designs that was exhibited there.

The design that I had recognised in his powerpoint was the spinning chair. Below is the spinning chair I had seen and another photo of my friend Maris attempting to sit on the chair whilst it span around.



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