Joanne Quinn

Joanne Quinn  was born in Birmingham, England and completed a foundation course in art at Goldsmiths College, University of London before studying for a BA in Graphic Design at Middlesex University. It was here that Joanna first discovered the magic of animation, quickly adapting her unique drawing abilities to produce beautifully fluid and dynamic animated passages. She has recieved an oscar nomination from her two most famous films, Famous Fred (1996) and The Wife of Bath (1998).


  • Try to be as powerful as possible.
  • She’s a Director and production leader.
  • Designed British imperialism which she was offered an award by Prince Charles.
  • As long as the illustration form goes back to how it was originally, it doesn’t matter how many drawings you have in between.
  • She’s a comic script artist.
  • Animation is very captive for audiences.
  • Animation is all about fantasy, so people are interested but when its about reality people have more of an impact on it.
  • To become an animate you are required to be good at illustration or digitally. Also they arent always interested in the finished product just the skill.

Dream & Desires – Family Ties


This is my favorite film that Joanne Quinn and her team have made. I like how she has based the movie from the cameras point of view. It’s all very well detailed, I like that she’s shown some of the most intricate of movements from the facial expressions, to the smoke coming out of a cigarette. It has that nice sense of realism to it. I also found it very comical, which made me very keen to want to watch it all. This took many years to make, but it times like this that its nice to see the overall outcome of a piece, that has worked out so well.


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