India Clausen

India Clausen is a Designer that works for We Click Media. She was found by them, when exhibiting her work for her final year at university. She’s designed for companies such as Stella Artois, Macular Society and A Journey of Discovery.


  • Each year keep pushing yourself.
  • Studio life- longhours- cheap food- longhours.
  • Get to know your team because it will benefit you.- My thoughts– I can understand why this could benefit me because if I help someone then I know ill get the help in return. Also it will become helpful when there are projects on collaboration, that way you can get right in and produce the work without any awkward moments.
  • Take opinions in whether they are from designers or no designers.
  • There is always distractions but find something that will keep you focused.
  • Its good to be competative because it keeps you motivated and the determination in action.
  • Get experience.
  • Interview- customize it for the portfolio to suite the company.
  • Ask questions.
  • It’s okay not to know, just ask for help. Its also okay to know so if you have an opinion to be afraid to preach it.
  • Always be able to adapt to your environment.
  • Always make sure you give yourself time.
  • “Do not seek praise. Seek critism.”- Paul arden – My thoughts- This is a very valid point that I understand, I have found that it is nice to be praised. However, it is also good to be critised too. You can learn from your mistakes and then your work will become ten times better.


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