Campaign- Learning Disability of Dyslexia


Epherma poster Ideas

Here I wanted the photo to be very explicit portraying the type as if it was melting away. Some people with dyslexia find that the text can move in different forms, so that’s exactly what I wanted to create. I quite like how the text is linked together overlapping but falling.

We decided as a group we would base the target audience at students, I thought it would be a good idea to use Cardiff met as an example. I tried it in black and grey, also in the colour scheme that the uni uses.

I did another version of a distorted sentence in black and white and then an inverted one. For this I used a fish effect to create a pattern throughout it. When I was in the process of this my computer crashed and caused the work to glitch. I’m glad it did, because it created a nice vibrant contrast of the original and formed it in a unique way. I found that even when I went wrong and there was a faulty I still could see a good idea within the mist of it.

With this one I was just experimenting with the word ‘Dyslexia’ investigating which ways I could distorted it and be playful with. The one in the left hand corner, has been designed to see the words on a path way line, as if you were reading it in different ways. I was inspired by music when I got this idea, I thought it would look good if the lines started coming out of the words.

This one I was inspired by the game crossword, I liked how words could form in with one another creating a simplistic illusion. The words I used were Dyslexia, writing and reading. I used the colour blue because when I was back in school, I was always asked if I wanted a cover overlay. I always went for the colour blue, which is why I used it.

18th March

China Trip

As I had to go to China with the uni, I was unable to continue with the project. I found it was hard to stay in contact whilst my group continued with the project. However, before I left I tried to help out as much as possible, making sure that everything was going smoothly and that they knew what the mainplan was.

28th March 

Final Posters


These are our final posters designed by Jenny, Dan and Ben. They showed me their range of options, whilst I was in China and I thought that these designs were the strongest out of their other outcomes. These ones looked professional, well constructed and it definitely shows the point of our message towards Dyslexia. When I seen these posters together I was uncertain of the middle one. Not because I didn’t think it was good, but because I felt it was bringing the other two down and wasn’t complimenting them in the same way. I didn’t see a consistency. However it got a lot of compliments so I’m very happy we went with it.

Final Animation


I am extremely happy with the outcome of our animation. We all worked well as a team. Dan and Jenny worked well collaborating the work together on after effects, we found that them two played a good role in the making of it and then me and Ben just feeded the information through to how we wanted it to look. When I got back from my China trip, I was thankful to see a well, professional designed animation. We made a lot of improvements, for example we were planning on telling students to go to student services but then decided to aim it to an actual company. We also made the text more minimalistic, to what it originally was. We tried lots of outcomes and now finally I’m pleased to present the work.


thumbnail_Mobile Poster idea

This is the gif that my team had designed, to be able to get it out through the social media more accesibly. It well suited to the audience as it’s bold and funky which is more intriguing for a younger audience. I also love the boldness to it, I find that the simplicity and structure makes it look professional.


Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 19.28.06

The logo design was very well collaborated, it fits in with the posters and animation so well. When I first saw this, I didn’t think my group designed it. I thought that it was so well done. I was very proud of the typography they used and how they formed the question mark. It all fits together quite nicely. I can honestly say that I don’t have anything to say, to improve on.


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