Storyboarding & Camera Movements

Camera Movement Techniques:

Crab- A less-common term for tracking or trucking.

Dolly- The camera is placed on a portable tripod, which travels along tracks for a very smooth movement. Also known as a tracking shot or trucking shot.

Dolly Zoom- This is when the camera moves closer or further from a person for example. While simultaneously adjusting the zoom angle to keep the person the same size in the frame.

Follow- The camera physically follows the subject at a more or less constant distance and speed.

Pan (short for Panorma)- Horizontal movement, left and right. Good for capturing landscapes and showing the full angle.

Pedestal (Ped)- Moving the camera position vertically complimenting the subject.

Tilt- Vertical movement of the camera angle, i.e. pointing the camera up and down (as opposed to moving the whole camera up and down). This is good for emphasizing the height of something or as a moving close up revealing the details of a character.

Track- Roughly synonymous with the dolly shot, but often defined more specifically as movement which stays a constant distance from the action, especially side-to-side movement. Tracks are generally better to use as they perform a more natural movement.

Truck- Another term for tracking or dollying.

Zoom- Technically this isn’t a camera move, but a change in the lens focal length with gives the illusion of moving the camera closer or further away.

Static Shot– Keeping the camera still, whilst observing on a subject.

Handheld- This camera movement can create a sense of honesty, immediacy, and energy, and since it is the closest move to how we see the world it encourages viewer participation.


Storyboarding Task:

Me, Ben and Dan were given an advert to base a storyboard on. We worked with the Sony Bravia Bouncy Balls advert that was designed and aired 2010.


Before every Commercial, Film, Animation and other sources. There’s always a storyboard explaining how the plot of a film for example will be constructed. Here you can figure out the camera angles, features and what the key elements will be. When we were observing this advert, I thought it would be a good idea to go through the clip and screenshot the areas of it, which we thought were best.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 19.16.49



This was mine; Ben’s and Dan’s out come of the storyboard resembling back to the advert. We used the screenshots to guide us through the order signature details. Once we had finished the drawings we went on to the different angle views that was presented in the advert. The majority of them were static, some were pan and a few were zooming. It had a nice range of camera movements, which shows a good perspective of what is happening.

I’m really enjoying working with Dan and Ben; we work nice and effective as a team. Our ideas connect and collaborate so well that we accept each other’s views. I like that I am getting the opportunity to work with new people, because otherwise I would never be open to new ideas from different minds of people.


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