London Trip

I had an amazing time in london, I found that it was so beneficial for me and it opened my eyes up to a whole new perspective of the design world. I really liked that I got to spend the weekend with my Graphics group, experiencing this weekend together.

Monday 20th February: Our first stop on our trip was to go to the Conway Hall to take part in the event, 4 Designers.

4 Designers London



Patrick Baglee is the founder of the 4 Designers European study tour. This had been started up in 1999, giving students the opportunity to interact with different kinds of designers.

  • Design has never been more important.
  • Design is also a perminant commitment, you need that drive and passion.

Matt Shannon

  • He is the group executive creative director, group content director.
  • Advice: “Keep your eyes open, to new oppurtunities.”
  • He’s worked at Ghetty images, Meta design, Addison group and others.
  • A company that he helped build a design for was Skoda Auto, the image below is what he and his team did.



This was a diagram to help designers remember that once they have an idea, always reflect on it and once you’re happy with the decision then do it. Even when you’ve done it always think about how you could improve, it’s a constant cycle of thinking and doing. This is good to know because it shows me that you don’t have to finalise one idea and then do it. It’s good to have lots of experiment outcomes, before knowing the end.

  • The effect we have on society is huge, we have the power of influence that must be harnest.
  • Always stand out.
  • Create a unique content that no one has seen before and people will take notice.
  • “To effect change you need to be the change.” – I really like this quote, its got a nice meaning to it. Almost like the saying ‘luck doesn’t happen, you have to make your own luck.’ Just shows that if I want to make a difference, I have to start encouraging and embracing the change.
  • Steal the power of a message and place it into content. – By this I found that if I want people to listen, I need to find something that people love. Like Valentines Day, Christmas, Easter and so on. When these moments happen I have to be able to manipulate people into listening, because the atmosphere that us designers create around people, will change them.
  • Always know the answer to every question, type, image, layout etc.
  • We can effect change, the future of communication is where it lives and dies.

My thoughts on Matthew Shannon:

I loved listening to Matthew Shannon’s talk, on how it is to be a designer. He spoke about how he worked with a wide range of companies and how he has jetted off to lots of companies selling amazing designs. He definitely persuaded me to want to be part of his team. I could tell by how he spoke about design that he had a true passion for it. He personally made me feel I could make a difference, he said that back in his day it was all about getting the grades for Math’s, Science, English and other subjects depending on what you want to do. However, we have revolutionized and designers have been shown the power of persuasion through our creative minds. I’m not the smartest of people, but he made me feel like I could do anything.

Joanna Davies 

  • She is the CEO of ZAK.
  • Her company’s audience is based for under 30’s.
  • They’ve done brands for L’oreal, BBC, Southern Comfort and others.
  • What they look for:
  1. Find your rockstar.
  2. – Culture vultures and Adventure seekers.
  3. – Smart.
  4. – Agility.
  5. – Brave.
  6. – Ambitious.
  7. – Don’t be a Diva.
  8. – Make an impression.
  9. – Always creates pieces that are excellence.
  10. – Know what kinds of brands you want to work for.
  11. – Understand the values of a company.
  • Be confident from an ethical perspective.

My thoughts on Joanna Davies

I thought that Joanna Davies was a very strong, willed woman that knew what she wanted and went for it. What I liked about her was that she wasn’t a designer, her area of expertise was within the advertisement and business section. However, I could see she still had a very good adaptation towards design. It showed me that even if you are within one discipline, you could still combine your passion with other one’s. I liked how relaxed and how she cares more for her designers than her clients, she believes thats what brings her success and that’s what I hoped to be like one day.

Matt Baxter

  • Creative Director of Baxter and Bailey.
  • Malcolm Gladwell- “Anyone can be an expert if you study for 10,000 hours.”
  • 5 steps to follow:
  1. Know where your going.
  2. Say yes to everything.
  3. Fake it till you make it.
  4. Go places.
  5. Don’t do free work.
  6. Always leave them wanting more.
  • Deep design studios- is a really good design company in AUSTRALIA.
  • Together Design- London
  • #designforgood #makeitcount
  • The illuminated River.
  • Advice: 
  1. Always read the words.
  2. Spell check.
  3. Spell check again.
  4. Keep in touch.
  5. Be nice.
  • Lynn Trickett- Never talk yourself down, always dare yourself and go for it.
  • Giff Blast- Always over deliver when talking to clients and always ask for help from your fellow teammates.
  • Brett Philips- Always understand the direction you are taking and focus on what you want.
  • Heidi Lightfoot- Don’t ever worry about not knowing the answer, it always works out in the end.

My thoughts on Matt Baxter 

Matt Baxter was a very good motivational speaker. He knew how to communicate within the correct manner of certain audiences. He managed to captivate us students; in his talk by making us do a connectivity task, using funny slogans and pictures. I was very intrigued in his talk that I couldn’t turn my eyes away, he made me think about understanding audiences that I could be working with, in the future. He was a kind man that didn’t seem at all intimidating to walk up to and have a conversation with.

Brian & James Webb

  • CEO of WEBB & WEBB design.
  • How to be a designer– learn to adapt to change.
  • Ask the hard questions– Always know more about the identity of something than the client.
  • Search for the answer– Avoid the obvious, think outside the box.
  • Arrive at Genius.

My thoughts on Brian & James Webb

These men had a very comical partnership that worked very well for their speech as they were very interesting to listen too. The work that they do is extradinary; they have been within the design world for many years, they’ve seen first hand how the design world has revolutionized throughout the decades. I liked that I could listen about how it has evolved and what future as a designer I could become. They were very inspirational and I felt that I managed to gather lots of ideas for coming projects that I will be doing in the future.


I’m really happy that I got the opportunity to meet these amazing designers in person and to understand what it is to be a designer. In my mind I always see designers, celebrities, scientists and other important people, as dreams. That they are all in this whole other world than me and that there is no way I can be real in it. Though seeing these designers right in front of my eyes and listening to their stories. Makes me feel like I’m just as good as them, that all I have to do is work for it and I will make it. I always feel like the dream is impossible to touch, however being in the same room as the designers, working and talking to them makes me feel like there is that possibility of me being able to reach out and grasp my dream.

Tuesday 21st February: Here I was given the decision to pick one design studio I wanted to visit to and I chose Moving Brands.

Moving Brands 


I liked visiting Moving Brands, it gave me the chance to see what a design workplace is like in reality. It was nice to see how all the designers were working and what certain projects they were producing. It was very different than what I imagined, I always used to think that the design place would be quiet and that everyone would be focusing on their work, separated in their own offices. However, I liked everyone was cooperative and helpful. I found that it most definietly was not quite, as a matter of fact it was very loud. I would have to learn to block out distractions and find a way to focus. Other than that it was very nice to experience this opportunity, especially on my birthday.


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