The Great App Challenge

For the Great App Challenge I had the opportunity to work with a team of students from different disciplines to create an app. We were tasked to build an idea of an app within 24 hours and to be able to present it to an audience. When I got to the site I was put into a group of girls Maris, Anda, Hadil and Lily. When we got put together we first off started trying to get to know one another, so that we could communicate well throughout the process of the app development.




Once we had finished introductions, we got right into the task in hand and started off mind mapping ideas. We came up with lots of outcomes but the one that really shouted out for us was an app designed for students and lectures in Cardiff School of Art.

A Design, which would allow them to post images of their work, like Instagram and Pinterest. With this, you can get feedback from students and lecturers on the work that is posted. The idea behind this app was the idea of collaboration. Art and Design upholds a strong reputation of collaboration and cross-disciplinary. For example I study Graphic Communications and I would find it fascinating to see what other disciplines like fashion, Architecture, Textiles students outcomes would be like. We even wanted to show the progression of how a first year student, goes through to second year, third year and then where they have managed to get a job at the end of it. This would be beneficial for other students to see the progression, because it gives them a better understanding of what they need or could do. Therefore this app allows students to gain a sense of what is happening within the school and introducing the students into a whole new way of communication.




Once we had our idea we thrived through the development, working out what kinds of management we would need, the advertisement, marketing and more. We were all really kind to one another and we listened very well which made it good to be able to take in everyone’s ideas.

Throughout this process many entrepreneurs talking about what makes a good leader and company visited us. I learnt how it’s good to always have a 60 second pitch that sums your design up in the simplest, but spectacular way and the power of persuasion.

There was this one woman that came in called Helen wallaby and I thought she was such an inspirational woman. She wasn’t a designer or had a certain talent for a discipline, but she knew how to push herself into certain areas that she was unfamiliar with. We listened to her about her life and her key word phrase, which was ‘The power of persuasion.’ I had never known someone who had been knocked down multiple times, but still managed to pick herself back up. I had so much respect for her and everything that she was telling me.

With the help of these amazing entrepreneurs we carried on through with the app and came at it with a complete different perspective. We were enlighten by the talk and I felt that once we had this knowledge we knew exactly how we could do our app. Here are a few more sketches before we had decided to do the designing of it.


Once we had all the information about the app and how we wanted it to look, I got started on the designing of it. The first thing I started with was the name, I did a lot of research until I came across a sight that had beautiful names, to beautiful meanings. It was called 7 inspiring words that only creative people will understand, as soon as we seen the first word we loved it, the word was ‘Meraki’ it is a greek word that means “The soul creativity or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.” We thought that it was quirky, bold and unique. Which was what we exactly wanted our app to have an effect of.

We chose to stick with the colour scheme of Cardiff met, as we wanted to show that link of how it could possibly look if it were used with in the university. The images below are the designs that we designed together to determine what we liked and didn’t. Also what important contributes we needed.





When working with the type I experimented around with different typefaces to get an idea how I wanted the text to come across. Is selected a range of styles using the word ‘Meraki.’ Then presented them to the group. We all came to the conclusion that we liked the calligraphy illustrative style, as it looked more artistic. Linking in well with the style of Art and Designed students. We thought about having something bolder, but we felt it would look to formal and wouldn’t be giving the impression that we wanted. Once we decided what we liked from there, I began starting the designs on Photoshop.



I designed the log in page, welcome page, profile setup page and the news feed page. I kept going back to the group making sure that they were happy with how I was designing it and they gave me good feedback, which I worked well with. Then below is the profile page that Lily designed, I felt she managed to work in well with the style that I had done for the others. Which I thought was very impressive, as she mimicked them exactly.



Final Outcome




This is what we presented to the other teams. I placed the designs that we had done on to phones, because I felt that it would give the audiences a sense of reality that the app actually existed. I’m very proud of the outcome that my team and I had created; we worked so well together giving each other help and feedback. Lily designed such an amazing app icon, which is so bold and captivating that it all makes the design overall well fitting.

The knowledge from all these entrepreneurs made my team and I use these skills provided for us and presented it in our presentation. Hadil made up the 60 second pitch that was so well written, that it would persuade anyone to want to use the app. I’m so happy with everything that I have learned within the app challenge and the people I have met, it was definitely a remarkable opportunity that I’m glad I took part in.


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