Premiere Pro Workshop

In this workshop, I was introduced to the customs of film and presented with all kinds of film equipment. I was shown a wide range of different cameras and microphones that have been used for various activities. For example the go pro camera can catch action shots in good quality. I’ve also learnt that to prevent microphones from crackiling, caused by the wind. You can place a fuzzy ball on it and it blocks the wind from distrupting the quality of sound.



Once I had a certain amount of knowledge about the equipment I could use, I then moved on to learning about the software Premiere Pro. Here Izzy Young, and me began working with different movie clips and learnt how to collaborate them together, using special effects. I really enjoyed doing, this because I liked seeing the results at the end of every clip. It’s very beneficial for me to use, as I am doing animation for my Graphics course soon.







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