Keynotes- ‘No Sex Please, I’m Sherlock’

The aim of today was to understand how to apply and write an academic theory to your own idea. I first had to understand where an idea comes from.

The topic today was on Sex and Masculinity, and how it can have an effect on society of today. We based our theory case around Sherlock Holmes, as he is portrayed as a person exhibiting unusual powers of deduction in solving any problem. He’s to be identified as a asceticism, someone who gives something up, normally religious people are known for this. However, in this case it seems Sherlock Holmes doesn’t have a sex desire towards anyone, which is why he gives it up and puts it into his work.

Sex and Masculinity on TV, has become more well known since the 50’s. Sex is about power and identity, within a sex scene you see the muscle and the power that the men possess of the women. However, with Sherlock there are no sex scenes, so the question is does this make him less masculine?

The way he even stylizes himself in such dull colours and a normal suite jacket, implies that he’s not someone to be the center of attention, that’s not what interests him. For Sherlock Holmes his masculine identity comes with in his own desires for solving problems and using his knowledge to his full potential.


Just from watching a movie you can gather lots of ideas, on how to make a study case on any sort of topic. Once you have your own idea, you can then start to research and analyse all avenues to support your theory. This is helpful because I was shown ways of layering out and structuring my work to help me in its simplest form. This is good preparation for my future assignments and dissertation.


  • Unlikely to find books and paper that directly match your idea so try link it to another avenue and don’t give up.
  • Your Job- Make the links between reading and your idea.
  • Push idea’s further and don’t replicate anything. Come up with something unique.

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