Creative Director- Lee Fairbrother

Lee Fairbrother  is a Creative thinker, Strategist, Art Director and Designer based in London. He’s also entrepreneur and founder of several digital businesses and currently the Digital Creative Director of Accelerate. One of his main projects that he worked with was the Olympic lion mascot, this was one of his well known designs that has been produced.

Today I was honoured to have the chance to listen to Lee Fairbrother, talk about the roles of a Designer. I was told a great deal of advice, that has given me a lot of knowledge and drive to be the best that I can be.


  1. Make a plan– Figure out where you want to go with your career, have an aim or objective. Never too early or late to think big.
  2. Your portfolio is your life story- First impressions for getting a job is the portfolio. Show your work and be honest with yourself. Some portfolio can be ranged from 10 pieces to 30.
  3. Know the industry- Understand the competition. Advertising, Brand, Digital and research them.
  4. Everything in the room has been designed- everything might hve been designed but there are ways of modifying and turning them into something unique.
  5. Know the tools- You must keep knowledge of your skills and techniques. must know how to use photoshop, indesign, illustrator etc.
  6. Understand difference of idea & excution- Always have a purpose.                                  Brief= is the idea    Excution= Is the making of it.
  7. Focus on the benefit- Always remember the Point & Purpose of a design. How will it change the users life.
  8. Never underestimate the power of simplicity- example that was given was Picasso style of work. Picasso used the example of a Bull, to show audiences to see from a different perspective. You can take an image of a bull and turn it into something simplier. This can be linked by the use of technology, we are constantly trying to make life easier and more accesible with the products that have been produced.  3034240-poster-picasso.jpg
  9. Scamping & Sketching = Strength & attachment- Before you dispatch your designs on the computer. Always show evidence of drawings in a sketch book, have a rough estimation of how the outcome could potentially turn out.
  10. Pretotype and Prototype build–                                                                                               Pretotype= is the art and science of faking it before making it.                                   Prototype= a first or preliminary version of a device or vehicle from which other forms are developed.
  11. Good is the enemy of great- never settle for the term good, go for great. Below is a a small diagram of how he explained the difference between bad, to award winning.unnamed-4
  12. Networking- Ask for help, you don’t ask you don’t get. Also to never give up and be afraid.
  13. Find a mentor- Someone who will offer good guidance with areas that could be potentially involved in buisness, entrepreneur and creativity.
  14. Get yourself out there- ‘TNT’ taste ‘n’ trend. Get designs out in the world for audiences to see.
  15. Find what you want (Career) – Work hard and push the boundaries. Do what ever you think it takes to get your foot in the door.
  16. Biggest asset is your team- When working in a team without a doubt, no idea is a stupid idea. When a team mate has an idea and they are on a flow of delivering ideas, never interrupt. Always let them carry on and forever make notes.
  17. Present better- Look approachable and presntable. Be respectful, confident and friendly with in your field. To also be good at presenting and public speaking.
  18. Be resilent- Stay strong, don’t take any backlash from anyone. People will say no, but never give up.
  19. Radical Candour- Take every oppurtunity you can get and always accept feedback.
  20. Choose when to take adivce and leave it- Listen to advice that people give you and always remeber you design to what the client wants. If they believe that the design needs to be changed, then you solve the problem and create osmething better. If you dont think anything needs to be changed then, voice your opinions. Never be afraid of your freedom of speech.
  21. Money- Knowledge, accounts, team, leaders and oppurtunities. Never sell yourself short.  You are a designer just as much as the ones in agencies.
  22. When your in a roll- Get yourself out there. “This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.” – fight club. Make every second last.
  23. Procrastinate will kill you- Find new environments and get started, don’t waste time.
  24. No matter where you go dont be a dick and don’t become one- Be who you are and strive with dignity.

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