Ethics & Deforestation Protest


Ethics is having moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity. With this we learnt about how every time we make a design we must understand how it can effect certain audiences. Learning about who the vulnerability classes are for example the homeless, young children and people with a disability. I found this really useful because it makes me acknowledge what protocol I have to go through when designing and to not be ignorant about how other people might feel, when I make a design for a certain audience.


Protest is a statement or action expressing disapproval or objection to anything. In my lecture today, we learnt about how Protesters get their word out to the world and how it can make an influence on audiences with what they are expressing.


This is an example of the unity of men all together expressing their opinion in a rational manner. I think this photo is very powerful because it shows a community of men working together to fight for their freedom of speech, expressing how they are sick and tired of fighting for a meaningless war. I even like how they are all in a coordinated march, it makes them represent the image to come across, formal, strong and bold.



Deforestation- is when humans remove or clear large areas of forest lands and related ecosystems for non-forest use. These include clearing for farming purposes, ranching and urban use. In these cases, trees are never re-planted.

Within my Environmental group, we decided to cut the groups down smaller so that we had a wider argument about what issues are going on within the environment. My small group that I was put in, we decided to make our protest on Deforestation.


We wrote lots of notes and ideas that we had on the whole outcome of deforestation. Above is a mind map that used to place my idea on. We learnt a lot of interesting facts such as how one tree can provide 4 people with oxygen. Once we knew a bit about deforestation, we thought it would be best to familiarize ourselves with what deforestation posters are out there at the moment.

First Image: This is a very powerful poster. It makes audiences feel like they are part of the poster. When I looked at this poster it made me want to look at my hand and imagine losing a finger. I thought it was horrible, but then I felt ten times worse when I looked back at the images of the trees and realizing that’s what is happening to them. What people don’t realize is that even though they think trees aren’t alive and are worthless, they are wrong. Trees are a part of us, they provide oxygen for us and the day that comes when there is no trees left is the day we will stop breathing. Looking back at this poster shows that we aren’t just taking apart out of nature, we are also taking a part of ourselves.

Second Image: This is yet another strong poster, it shows a community of people sharing the same morals. That we should care more for our world than money. We create money out of trees, but what’s it really worth? Living a healthy and natural life with the environment around you, for a good amount of time is better. Then not living it at all because we used it all for money. I also like how there is hands within the tree, it shows that we dabble in the affairs of the environment.


This was the outcome of our posters we collaborated together. We wanted to work with the concept of how trees provide us oxygen, doing this we worked with the human lungs and photos of trees. What we also found with most protest posters, is that they all had a short, catchy phrase that catches the reader’s eye. We felt we really needed a powerful phrase that would imprint in peoples minds. With lots of experimenting we ended up working with “Take a deep breath. It could be your last.” We wanted to present it digitally because if we did it on paper we would be completely contradicting ourselves. We also felt that we wanted it to be very minimal and simplistic because it wasn’t about how pretty or detailed it was. It was mainly about getting the message across.




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