keynotes: Re-framing theory in the context of a practice

Where can we find the ‘new’

What is a theory– “A set of principles on which the practice of an activity is based: a theory of education.”

The Cambridge dictionary of Philosophy there is no definition of the term theory, no explanation.

The Routledge dictionary of philosophy– “Theory. See Laws.” – A field of study.

What about theory within the context of the Arts?

What defines art is the creating copy of nature. There is a notion of constant copying within our world, the question is, what can you identify as the truth. Art is not always well considered of how many levels, it can comply to certain disciplines.


“Without hesitation Benjamin affirms that mimetic faculty is the rudiment of a former compulsion of persons to become and behave like something else.” The ability to mime, and mime well, in other words, is the capacity to other.” Taussig, 1993, p. 19. It’s not just a question of imitating something. It’s about how do we transform ourselves or the copy that we are trying to imitate.

It’s not a copy or process, its an entanglement of nature, of which we are a part of. Learning from nature, it helps us with the creation of something new. For Example, seeing a rock, to then sculpturing a rock. It’s a way of seeing the world as gods providing for us and what we do with it. The contact between ourselves, to the Earth. There is a magical dimension, something about the process of copying something, there is so much more to what it actually is. Maybe its the soul of the Earth and the soul of ourselves that collaborate with one another to create something new.

It’s all about knowing the self, in order to know the other. Knowing the concept, to understand the creation. Which can be explained as the theory.







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