The Final Environmental Guernica Design

Guernica Testimony of war 


This piece is the most powerful antiwar statement of the twentieth century. It was created by the most well-known and least understood artist of all time, Pablo Picasso. This is the piece that he had agreed to paint as the centerpiece for the Spanish Pavilion of the 1937 World’s Fair.

This is a very bold abstract painting that has been well coordinated. It’s a strong, clear piece that shows all elements of how the artist has shown his perspective of the war. You can tell that there is a sense of destruction and death within this painting, as there is body parts on the ground and trashed up areas. The facial expressions aren’t very delightful, they all see scared, sad or dead. Also normally his paintings are vibrant with colours and which are very striking, but with this it was as if it hadn’t deserved the pretty colours. He seemed to of given the painting a sense of darkness cast across it.


Getting back into my group of the Manifesto Environment team, we had to use the inspiration of Pablo Picasso Guernica painting, and design our own version in his style of work. We started off sharing ideas and experimenting with different outcomes. Once we were all sure, about what our next steps were. We devised a plan that would give each and every one of us, a piece to individually create. I was given the task to draw a bird and bee. Once we were all finished with our pieces, we decided that we would all come back together and collage them all together.

Talking about our plans as a group, I felt that we were very organized setting each other tasks to do and it seemed that we all wanted to use a wide range of materials to create our pieces. I think when it all comes together we will have a good range of different elements to present as a group.





For the Guernica poster, I did these two cubism drawings of a bird and a bee. My technique for this style of drawing is that I first started off by drawing a bird and a bee how they normally are. Once I had a rough outline of the animal and insect I then started to make them more quirkier by adding shapes, angles and colours. I thought that the original Guernica posters were very abstract, so that’s the kind of look I was going for.I could see that my designs started to look like the Cubism art, which I thought worked very well. What I also did that really brings attention to the drawings, are the human eyes they both have. I wanted to show the link between Human, Insect and Animal.


Final Guernica Poster




This was the final outcome of our group Environment, Guernica styled poster. When I started this task I found it quite challenging, there were a lot of people in my group and we found it very difficult trying to organize everything together. Other than that, we still manage to get it together and we presented it really well. Me and Maris ended up painting the icebergs and trees, whilst the rest did the ocean, penguins, boat and insects, etc. We chose to have the trees going from really tall, too small and the same for the iceberg, as we wanted to explain how the world is decreasing.

When it came to presenting our work, I looked back on our work hanging up on the wall and I had realized how much experimentation we did as a group. All of us used a range of resources like screen printing, pencil, illustration, printing, painting and so much more. Also, how our poster was a lot more colourful, compared to the rest of the class. This gave our work an advantage, as it stood out. To improve on this poster I would add some more work to the piece, just so it would look a bit fuller. I would also put the wave behind the newspaper to add a more blended effect. When it came to talking about our work in front of everyone, I found it very daunting because I was nominated to talk about it in my group, which left me very unprepared. I felt very nervous and shaky when I got up in front of everyone. However, after a good two minutes, I was so happy with myself because I wasn’t nervous anymore, I felt comfortable about what I was talking about and what I had to do. I believe doing these presentations that I do for the course, really helps me and I can now see that I’m building my confidence each time.


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