The Environmental Manifesto

For my first task within the field, I was asked to choose a topic on what could make the world a better place. I suggested how we need to protect the environment like, stopping people cutting trees down as that is our main source of oxygen. Lots of people in my class had different outcomes, but some people shared the same thoughts. I was then collaborated into a group of people who were also passionate about the environment. Below is the statement we all came up with to present to the field group.


At the dawn of sustainability the time has come for a reappraisal of denial towards environmental issues. We the undersigned have had enough of desensitization and the lack of care. For too long humans have turned a blind eye at their own destruction, we are appalled by the level of dismissal on this issue down with pollution! Up with awareness. We declare that enough is enough, we renounce our self absorbed mentality we celebrate our ability to change.

In order to make a better world in the future, we propose that all individuals should realise their impact on the world and strive to reduce pollution. Nobody should act selfishly as this effect all and everyone should act with more caution. There will be no unnecessary wastage of materials as we shall stand strong until we succeed.

Paper Cut Outcome

Once we were all along the same lines within the group, we then moved on to our first task which was to design a cut out paper, pop up piece that expressed our thoughts through imagery.



Above is the development of our piece and the outcome. I found this task very beneficial because it teaches communications and co-operational skills. I really enjoyed doing this as it was enjoyable to place all of our creativity onto a page. The outcome of our work, didn’t exactly turn out how we expected it to, there wasn’t much time to cut more detail into the work, which was why we just used it as an experimentation session. My favourite part of our piece, is my cut out of the wave with the fish jumping over it. The detail within the fish and wave, gives it great effect, making the audience believe that the fish is jumping over it, which brings life to the work.

Once the field group finished all their outcomes I walked around to see what other student outcomes were and one of my favourites was the design below.


Animal Cruelty

Here they were advertising the cruelty about animals, how we must aid and help them to  survive in our world. I really, love the lighting in this photo, it really compliments the cut outs in the pages. I even love the cut outs of the silhouette animals, it looks to be well structured and carved out. This would definitely be a stronger piece if they continued working on with it further. Maybe, try out some more cutting on the base of the page and add some detail to the little people. Other than that, I really like it.


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