Field-The Spanish Civil War


Here are some of my notes I took whilst watching the documentary on The Spanish Civil War.

Information on the Spanish Civil War

Documentary on The Spanish Civil War


What instigated it? What happened? What the outcome was?

The Spanish Civil war began in 1936-1939. I believe the cause to this catastrophe was based around Self-determination, self-improvement and Social change. Spain was politically divided across the country segregated between right-wing Nationalist and left-wing Republican parties. Nationalist were the monarchists, landowners, army and the Roman Catholic Church. The Republicans were based around the trade unions, miners, socialists and peasants.

In 1929 when the Great Depression appeared after the Wall Street Crash. The military dictatorship that had ruled Spain collapsed from 1923-1929. In 1931 the King abdicated after the Republicans came to power and without any resistance was exiled from the country. The army rebelled and anarchy insued which removed Republicans from power and ensured Civil war was inevitable.

Britain and France were both reluctant towards the situation that was developing in Spain. They knew for certain that they couldn’t allow the nation to fall in to the hands of the Nationalists, as this would gain more power to the Fascist alliance of Germany and Italy. However, the Fascists would be no better off if Spain fell to the Soviet-backed Republicans, as Communism was seen as a huge threat to world peace.

What is Peace? In this case it is freedom from disturbance of war and the tranquility of the effect. An army officer Thomas Garicano Goni from Casablanca once believed that there was a time of peace. Once the war had started, from that day he said, “Peace wasn’t possible” that it was inevitable from the cause of destruction to their homes, the cruelty to humanity and hope was therefore lost.

Germany and Italy sent the nationalist help by giving them more forces and supplies. However, the cause of doing this meant that the Republicans had to rely on Russia. The Russian leader of the USSR sent weapons and supplies to aid the Republicans in their struggle against the forces of Fascism. Though they only sent enough, in order to keep them fighting.

Once, Madrid had been captured in March 1939, by the Nationalist forces, this meant that the Nationalists had won. Hitler’s position from the catastrophe meant he had gained greater influence and more power across Europe. As an ally in the right-wing dictatorship in Spain, General Franco and Hitler developed a cooperation with Italy and Germany throughout the war forming them to become allies. Fascism still had a role to play whilst General Franco was in charge. However, the shadow of the war was cast across Spain whilst he was alive, it wasn’t until he died 2oth November 1975 that the country could finally be rid of the shadow.

My Thoughts:

The Spanish Civil War all seemed to be a clever game, which each individual player that was involved had a part to play. It was a battle of people protecting their rights.

When the war broke out it provided the opportunity for the various social classes to start to campaign their particular aims and objectives. This became a twist with in the rules of the game and caused a massive social bomb between fascism, middle classes, communist, laborers, miners, and government. It was a constant battle of who had more power. Landowner, Felix Moreno De La Cova spoke in the documentary about how people advertised the authority that some people possessed; doing this downgraded the lower class considerably. He spoke about a slogan that was popular “Neither property, no god, no bosses.” This made the land laborers for example; want their own land so they fought for that hope, where as the land owners who did have land fought to preserve it. It seemed like a constant battle of more power, it was never enough and that everyone in this clever game new the rules but did not wish to follow them, causing organizations and people to clash and the price of that creates war.


Spanish Civil War Posters



Is a form of government, constitution, etc. That belongs to or characteristic of a republic.


These are some examples of influential Republican posters that were used around the time of the Spanish Civil War. Gathering my findings on the different styles of posters that were made back then, I realized that they were all very dramatic and drastic. Showing dead bodies, blood, children screaming and guns etc. They were very moving and forward with the messages they were putting across. I love the colours schemes that were used, it’s very bold, vibrant and easy to catch the audience’s eyes.


Is information, of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.


These are some more examples of influential Propaganda posters, that were made around the time of the Spanish Civil War. These posters are very much like the ones above with strong language, distinctive imagery and the use of power has been shown, within the poster of the muscular man tackling the snake. I also have an interest in these posters for, their typography being used. The majority of them have a Majuscule typeface which makes them stand out more and shows that what, they are presenting is a serious matter.



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