The Graphics World.

My research on ‘First things first’ Manifesto was Ken Garland expresses about what the true meaning of communication is, what it means to be a graphic designer and understanding what the power of design has, over the influence of people.

Leading on from this, I was told to get into a group working cooperatively as a team. Coming up with a sustainable idea, that we could communicate across to an audience, about an idea that could influence people. Our key word was ‘sustainable’ with this we had to understand what certain sustainable designs can have an effect on the wider world of today. Knowing what’s good, bad or whether certain designs could be the solution or the destruction of our world. We were told that this could be the visions for a greater future, seeing from a bigger perspective of how we can diminish the waste and promote from today a healthy way of designing the useful things instead of the wasteful.

My lecture said “Creativity means bringing life” with this it made me consider the way the world works and I found that my lecture was right. Everything that has been made or designed in this world came from an idea whether it was influenced by different thoughts, emotions or even the atmosphere around you. Creativity is one of the key elements that’s helped us thrive as a community.

With this thought, we collaborated our minds together coming up with ideas which we could present as a group. We made lots of notes, sketches and designs about fair trading products and how companies manipulate people into thinking about how good their company identity is, when really they are awful. For example, we found that shopping places such as H&M, Zara and urban outfitters, used people in other countries for slave labor just to design their lines. Where as other companies such as Everlane and People tree is a fair trade company. The question is that I asked myself, what kind of designer do I want to be? Suddenly, as soon as I mentioned it to the group, we thought it would be a powerful question to ask young designers coming into the world of design. What kind of designer do you want to be? We felt asking young designers or designers within the design world that kind of question, engages and interacts with them making them consider in their minds, who they want to be. This makes you as a designer feel like whether you want to work for a brand that doesn’t have a fair trade system in order or whether you do. Either way, we wanted to show young designers that whatever you choose, don’t just jump the gun, always research and understand what you as a designer is getting yourself in for and to learn from all kinds of experiences.

Below are some of the first initial notes that I had produced.



Once we all made our notes, we moved on to visually making some rough designs that I and my group collaborated together to come up with the idea that we wanted to represent. We didn’t want to show the finish design, only the process of how it could all come about.





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