Expressive Type


My task I was given was to explore the ways of forming different types, when listening from the perception of sounds. Above are some inspirational examples, I was given to help me structure and have a few ideas of what I was aiming to come out with.

Beth Salters inspirational examples

Examples of visually displaying language:




Div vid ing


Final Outcome


I was told to listen to the phrases of sentences, all spoken in different accents and pitches of tones.

Phrase 1 – ‘I have nothing to declare but my genius.’

Phrase 2- ‘He was so famous simply for the way he dressed.’

Phrase 3- ‘Please let me go on I’m dying to see how it all turns out.’

I had to express on paper how the sounds of these sentences, made me want to write them out. When I had drawn these words out, I used ink and a big paintbrush, this allowed me to be more expressive with the strokes. The picture of just the lines going across the page, has been designed to show the way I thought the frequency of the words coming out of the person’s voice, had fluctuated. The others have some with big ‘O’ or certain words that were in upper case, while the rest are lower case. I had done that, to show that the person speaking was more exaggerated when pronouncing, certain words or maybe that the person was prolonging the sound of a certain letter for a long period of time. I also changed the way I wrote them, if I had thought that the speaker was posh, I would do posh calligraphy writing or if the voice was harsh I would do sketchy writing.

I found that this method was a very useful technique, it makes you become more intimate with the language, understanding it from a different perspective. This method will be good for the future, when I want to experiment around more with type, perception and layouts.





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