Layout Experimentation

Today we were given a task to explore the structures within we did a quick task in recapping on kerning, tracking, leading, Hierarchy and layout. One of the tasks was to completely rearrange the layout of a paragraph. Remembering about the line lengths and structures. The paragraph that was given was to reconstruct was the top one. I was told I could use, more than one paragraph, have short or long sentences. However, I wasn’t allowed to have a word on its own. I found this task surprisingly easy, I didn’t think too much about how I was going to do it. I just had a little experiment around and took the risk of just going for it, cutting away what I thought would fit well and what wouldn’t. The one below the original paragraph is my outcome. I’m glad it turned out quite well, it’s flushed left I’ve done this so it’s the same method of the original. Next time I would make sure that the distance and the length between the texts, was all equal.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 19.46.43.jpg

Below was my second task, which was to cut out from magazines and newspapers, creating a symmetrical and asymmetrical layout. The two at the top are the asymmetrical layout that I had to collage. The one below is my symmetrical layout. Once I had my 3 outcomes, I was told to then to choose one to improve on. I agreed that my symmetrical layout needed more work; I realized I had too much text going on and it needed to be more evened out.



Final Outcomes


This was my improvement, from my symmetrical layout. I minimized the amount of text I had and involved another image. I even placed the heading and subheading at the top center of the page. I much prefer this layout, I feel like it structured a lot better and is more interesting. This task helped me learn how to experiment around with layout and styles from a different perspective. This will help when designing my printed ephemeral.


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