The Great Graphics Bake Off

I was given a task today, to design a poster for ‘The Great Graphics Bake Off.’ I was told this is a tradition that has been done for every level 4 student on the course. Once I received the brief, I started to sketch out some ideas and layouts that I could work with. When I had a rough idea of how I wanted my poster to look, I played around with the examples in photoshop. Below are a few looks I was going for.


I started by collaborating all my illustrations together, forming the text out of them. However, I felt like it was too much for the poster and realised that I wanted to work from a more simplistic approach.


Yellow Poster

When I was designing this, I did a few illustrations that I could work from. I did them very bold, with barely any detail or colour. Just so that it would be easier for me to play around with in photoshop. With each illustration I tried out lots of colours and tones, searching for the best ones that would work well with the styles. I like it that they have a very intriguing look, they almost look as good as they would be in real life. I wanted it to have a realistic look, making the audience want to eat it. Once I placed the designs together, I then started working with the background, I tried out lots of pastel colours as I thought having a dark colour would be too harsh for the design. For the type I used Goudy Old Style Regular. I wanted the text to be very clear but soft. I like how the bowl of the ‘O’ is very open and the serifs graduate the text out into the open, making it look like its slowly expanding across the page.

Cupcake Poster

With the cupcake poster, I tried coming from a more digital approach, by playing around on the filter gallery in photoshop. I’ve really enjoyed using the halftone pattern on my other designs in the past, so I wanted to test it out on this cupcake and thought it complimented it well. I felt that having the halftone pattern on the cupcake, gave the poster enough effect to be on its own. I wanted to have a simplistic look about it. The typeface I used for this was Helvetica bold and Helvetica regular. I used Helvetica bold to make the main titles bolder and then the rest of the type, was in Helvetica regular.


Finally, I ended up having an interest in this poster design. Once it had started coming together, I did a few trials in pastel colours and different layouts. I continued to use Helvetica Bold, because it’s very clear and stylish. That’s what I intended the text to come across like to the reader.

Final Outcome

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 13.30.41.jpg

This is my final outcome of ‘The great graphics bake off.’ I’m happy with the outcome of the poster its simplistic, bold, clear, colourful and intriguing. I preferred the cupcakes in colour because I felt the black and white version wasn’t as effective as the colourful one. I stuck with the Helvetica type, because I like what it portrays and I even love the positive spacing around the centerpieces. If I ever had to look back on this design, I would probably experiment around with a border, giving the poster something else to look at.



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