Story telling through an image

What is composition?

Composition is the nature of something’s ingredients or contents is made up. Bringing the components together to create a layout of a page, for example.




Today I was given a task to spectate image and look at them from a different perspective. I had to try seeing different view angles from each section of an image. Above is the image that I studied from; I chose this image because I liked how each of the people in the photo are all doing different things. Once I was happy to work with this photo, I had to then illustrate from all the viewpoints of the photo. I decided to draw from all the people in the photo and how they have seen the world. For example, I chose the viewpoints of the two people looking at the flowers and newspaper, even the people walking across the road. I showed lots of different points of view. Once I had a few illustrations I then had to cut them up and make them into a story. If I were told to do this process beforehand, I would have been confused and would of found it difficult. However, I like how simple and easy it was to do. I didn’t think I would be able to come up with a story so fast. It just shows that even with the simplest structures of pieces, you really can come up with solution and outcomes just by experimenting. My story was about a man heading home with flowers and a newspaper for his wife. I’m really happy with the content of my work, I would of liked to work on the cover more but I’m very happy with the outcome.




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