Book Binding Workshop


Today I got the chance to do a book binding workshop. I enjoy making books from scratch, it gives a nice sense of accomplishment. Making something from just paper, glue and thread, into something that can be used for everyday use. I like how I can create something and give it a purpose. I thought the book binding would be quite difficult, however, I found it quite simple and therapeutic, once I got the hang of it. I’ve done book binding before and really enjoyed the process of it. Last time I was told that I could even use dental floss for the binding of pages, doing this made the book smell really nice. This time I learnt how to try it from different angles and learnt how to stitch differently. Each time I attempt at doing this method, I learn something new every time. The only mistake I made on this was the cardboard, it wasn’t close enough together to fold nicely. I have learnt from my mistake and know exactly how to correct it now.


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