Screen Printing


For one of our workshops, we are planning on doing screen printing. In order to prepare for screen printing, we were told to research images that we might want to print. I was originally going to do a tea cup, but I didn’t really like the style of it, so I decided to stick with drinks and move towards cocktails. I chose to do the colourful cocktail above because I loved how the drink splashes out of the glass and how the fluorescent colours brighten the drink up. It almost looks like the drink is having its own party, it makes the image look alive and active.

I really enjoyed this task, as it gave me the chance to familiarise myself around with photoshop and learn how to play with different effects. I liked how each effect I was playing with changed the image slightly. When we were designing the images, we were told to keep the images black and white as that would be easy to use for our screen printing. However, I did experiment around with lots of styles and colours just to see what interested me. I mainly messed around in the filter gallery, changing the effects and contrasting of the images.

Finally, for my final outcome, I decided to go with the enlarged image above. I admired how the ink splodges still showed the movement of the liquid moving away from the glass, just like the original image. Also how it looked like it had been through the process of hand Monotype printing, I felt the detail was exactly what I wanted.


Development and Final Outcome of Screen Prints

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 13.17.22.jpg


The Prints at the top are the original screen prints and then the ones below are the ones that I have digitally edited. I did this so that they were more enhanced and clearer to see. I’ve done screen printing before in the past, but this time I really enjoyed learning new techniques and experimenting with materials and equipments. I’m really happy with the outcome of the prints. They all have that certain look of the water spilling out of the glass, which is what I wanted. It’s a nice effect and I feel it gives the prints a sense of life, like I had just captured an action shot. When I was choosing the colours, I was debating whether to go with blue and black, as that is my favourite colours. However, I felt because of how experimental I was being with these prints, I wanted to go with bright colours that would  work well together and create a tropical cocktail effect.




Here are a few digital designs I did on photoshop, just so I could play around with compositions and effects. I tried out a lot of effects until I came to this UV style and suddenly I loved it. I felt it looked night worthy and dramatic, definitely something that could look good for a nightclub brand, event or even a festival. Most of them I changed the saturation and then inverted the colours. With others I tried out reversing and flipping to how they used to look. They all have a very unique style about them and I’m really impressed with the amount of different outcomes I got, just by printing one little image of a cocktail. Just shows that even with simplistic designs, you can create a masterpiece.



This is just a rough example, that I put together to portray the kind of idea I was going for. A nice cocktail menu that could be used for a bar/restaurant. I like the colours because they are really enriching and I think that the darkness makes the menu look very fierce and intimidating. That’s the kind of look that I believe capture the audience’s eyes, it gives them a curiosity to what could be behind the front cover. It’s almost as if the menu is daring the customers’ eyes, to try one. I chose to do it on ‘The beach bar’ as it’s my favourite bar ever, I found that it would be interesting to create for.


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