Image Finals

For my new image brief, I was asked to create two more summer projects for 18/19 year olds. I chose to do it in Jewelry making and Conservation.


For my summer course on Jewellery making I used objects such as a ring, watch, necklace and the structure of the collar bones, on the human body. I chose to work with quite a colourful colour so it could give it a pop art movement about it. I didn’t use different colours as I liked the  idea of how they all linked in with one another.


For conservation I used lily’s, bushes, water and the eye of a duck. You can see the bush and flower clearly, but the water and duck, I edited to an extreme. It’s quite hard to identify what they are which is why I decided to try experimenting with other options.


When I was designing these posters, I had always tried out lots of layers and designs before deciding on the version I wanted to use. Below are some of the examples I did, to help me come to a conclusion on the images.


Final Pieces

For my finals, I had decided to start from scratch and come from a completely different design approach. I had stuck with the original outcome of the jewelry making course, however, instead of using conservation I decided to go with an English summer course. When I was reflecting back on my work with my lecturer, he had mentioned how my images weren’t clear enough and I wasn’t giving the message across well. He thought the solution would be to try out another summer course. I did and chose to do it on an English summer course.

Jewelry Making

I began working with my jewelry designs and had discovered that I never truly liked the colour tones or the bone structures that I used. I felt the purple colour, wasn’t complimenting the images and honestly, I found the bones very creepy.  Which is why I had started over and chose to do the poster from a more Dadaism perspective. I wanted it to look modern but vintage, I did this by making the images black and white, giving them a rustic look. I used a halftone pattern for the spot effect, I found it modernized them a lot more. The reason for the outline around the symbolic parts of the images, is because I felt it defined them leading the audience’s eyes to where they have to go. When I was doing the outline around them, I wanted it to look quite messy,  as if the whole image had just been cut out roughly and stuck together. All done in the style or Dadaism and the examples from my lecturer. I’m much more happy with the outcome of this design, its one of my favourites so far throughout the image brief. I like how they all contrasted well together and complimented each other in the way I wanted.

English Course

The English Course I used a bookshelf filled with books across it, a person holding a pen on paper, typewriter and finally, words from a book. I felt with these designs I was a lot more experimental with effects and layers. For the bookshelf, I used a black and white layer effect to go on top of the original colours, then I rubbed away at the B&W layer, so that you were able to see the selective colours. Once I was happy with the amount of colour and no colour, I then added a halftone effect to give it a spotty effect like the other final outcome. Once I figured out this trick, I did the same for the others. Selecting certain areas of the images and giving them halftone effects. When I was designing these images, I was a lot happier with how they were all working together, even complimenting the jewelry design outcome. The reason for me using an image of type is because I felt it was one of the most symbolic features of it all. It shows the English, linking it to the typewriter and pen, both about to print the words. Also the books containing the words. I felt it defined the course more from a visual perspective. It would of been a lot different, if I had shown a different language or pattern, but the fact I showed English writing benefitted the design as a whole.


Original Images:





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