Image Outcome


Above is some of the work that my lecturer had given the class to work from. I believe his work is coming from a Dadaism photographic approach, mixed within a pop art movement. I like how he has managed to link the colour tones in with one another and has used a repeated halftone effect within each of the images.


When my partner and I were given the task to design 2 summer courses for 18/19 year olds. We chose to do it on Baking and Fashion design. We began taking photos of a model for our fashion course. Once we had captured a few images we were happy with, we both individually tried out our own designs. Here I was, playing around with different styles and outcomes.

The first one, I did lots of little illustrations within the smoke, drifting from the cigarette. Each and every illustration I did, I wanted it to represent what a fabulous woman might have, like a handbag, jewellery, clothes and so on. However, I found that I wasn’t relating it to the brief very well. Improving this I would experiment with the halftone effects within the development of it.

The middle one I did, was three mimics of my model lined in a row. When I was designing it, my laptop started to glitch and created a weird, pink, blue and black box effect. I quite liked how it looked, so I screen shot it and used it for an example.

Then lastly, I wanted to try a more positive approach, using positive areas and keeping it quite minimal. I learnt from this task lots of ways I can design and contrast different effects together. The single most important thing I learnt was that I have to keep reflecting back on my brief and understand it fully. I felt that I wasn’t applying my work, in the way it should be. I knew I had to come from a pop art, Dadaism, David Hockney approach and I feel that none of these shout out any of them examples. Which is why I started again.


Once me and my partner were happy with the experimentation and research we did for this course we then began making the final outcomes. For all of the images we showed various outcomes of halftones and layers, giving them all a common link to one another. I feel that these designs link well from a pop art perspective, lots of vibrant and striking colours to catch the audience’s eyes. To improve we could try out linking all the colours to be the same like my lecturers, it shows a continuous role going throughout the pieces. This was a good learning curve, it gave us a chance to consider effects, layer and colour schemes. Also, knowing what kinds of styles, link to certain art movements.




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