Constellation- How fire shapes the pelvis

Where does the body end?

My lecturer asked me this simple question today. To my ignorance of how I perceive the world, I said the boldest answer. That it is my feet, fingertips, skin, the outline of the body. That was when I knew how wrong I was. I was told about how our lungs are part of the air, as the air is part of our lungs; we get by with one another. I was told about how the remaining’s of a fingerprint are left on a glass or a strand of hair that has fallen to the ground. I was asked then, does the remains still not count as part of your body? It does, because it is part of our identity, it’s an extension of ourselves. I was given an entirely new perception of how the world and we humans are all linked as one.

We looked into how the world around us, molds our body and mind into the people we are today. The development of the brain, has a longer reach for what we use, it isn’t limited. I was told that the brain is like plastic, it’s moldable. It can change through time, creating new brain structures and learning new things. It’s the same for the body, to what we eat changes the structures of our bones and muscles, to how we exercise changing our figures and so much more. We are individually body modificating ourselves, without us evening knowing it.

We learnt about Homo Habilis which means ‘handy man’ he was known to be the first creature to make tools for specific duties. Also, Homo Erectus, which means ‘upright man’ he was believed to be the first creature to stand fully upright and was probably the first to use fire. The effect on these two different creatures was incredible. It has shown that because the Homo Habilis didn’t cook with fire, meant that he had to chew the meat more. This caused the structures in his head to work more, allowing room for muscle and bones to spread out. Whereas it was a lot different for the Homo Erectus, the cause of using fire meant that the meat was less chewier, this allowed the creature to have more room in his head for his brain to expand, gathering more information. These facts and theories just show me how we are all different, but are also connected in many ways.

Homo Habilis & Homo Erectus


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