Constellation- How things are not made, but grown


In my constellation class we were learning the aspects of how our mind can unconsciously do certain things, without us even knowing it. We were going in depth of how it can affect us as an individual.

The lecture started off, with materials that were laid out in front of us. I was given blue tissue paper and wire. I was told to design anything out of the materials I was given, whilst listening to a very calming tune of music in the background. I felt that I seemed to of ignored the music and had fully focused on what ideas I could come up with, to make out of these materials. I ended up slowly merging a kite together, however, it didn’t end up looking like a kite. Which is why I then moved on to making it look like a Lolly pop. Once we finished it, we were told to give it a name and leave it to the side. The name I gave it was Blue. After that task we were asked why we had designed them how they were. I couldn’t quite understand, why I had come up with the idea of a kite; I could of chose anything but I chose to make a kite. I was so curious and kept asking myself why. That’s when I perfectly understood the meaning of the task. Without me knowing it, I realized that the music was corrupting my mind and that I was unaware that I was listening to it. Giving me a sense of imagining, I was outdoors in an open area of a forest.

The reason for why I chose the name blue wasn’t just because the tissue paper was blue, but because I love the colour and the sound of the word. It’s gentle and reminds me of the tropical waters back near my home. Another reason is because I had a picture of seeing the kite flying in the sky and I felt at that moment in time, all I saw was blue.

Above are some of the outcomes the class had designed. It was strange that most of the class came out with the same designs and the most common was a plant. I got the sense that we all had the same image of the environment in our minds. The only cause I can link it to would, be the music. This task mostly has shown me, that even when we are so blinded by the littlest things. Our bodies still notice and learn from everything around us, even when we don’t know it.





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