Image project- Behind the scenes

For our new image brief, we have been given a task to create two summer courses to advertise to 18/19 year olds. Me and my partner decided to do it on fashion and baking, we are planning on designing from lots of different approaches. For example, illustration, collage and digitalising. We’ve started off with the designing of the fashion course, I did a photo shoot of a model, representing fashion stereotypes. We worked with sports wear, work wear, couture wear and hippie wear.

When taking photos of our model, we made sure that she was wearing something with a high end label, that would portray sportswear like ‘Adidas.’ With her hair and makeup we wanted to keep her as natural as possible, so we kept the make up quite minimal. For her hair, we tied it up, to shower facial expression, implying that she had determination and motivation.


Workwear we made sure that she was colour coordinate, showing a sense of profession, organization and confidence. We placed glasses on her face, to show that she had a serious work ethic and normally that kind of look is associated with the geeks and Harding working people so that’s what we wanted to come across.


For hippie we dressed the model with a very vintage, quirky look. We also researched the new style of 21st century hippies and we had realised that they had been stylised to have two buns on their head and wearing chokers. We wanted to make sure we was involving this as it definitely worked well with that style category. For the poses we wanted to make the model look relaxed and pull funny faces, as we felt it would imply that she was down to earth, funny and confident.


Couture wear, we wanted the model to look like Audrey Hepburn. Strong, independent woman looking classy, established and beautiful. We went with a very bold simplistic black dress, we didn’t want her looking provocative in any way. For the hair and makeup we used a very natural complexion on her face, but used a bright red lipstick to make her look more striking. With her hair we pulled it back and put it in a nice twist making it look smart and neat.
Below are a few examples of images we took inspiration from:



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