Constellation- Invisible inter-relationships

In my constellation class, I am being taught to see the world from a different perspective. We began a task, where we had to draw a circle with a pen and paper down on a surface. Once we had drawn it, we were told to draw it again, but this time we had to hang the paper in thin air. We found that we could draw a perfect circle on paper, but couldn’t draw it perfectly, when the paper was held in the air. We were asked why is that? Who or what fault was it, that we couldn’t draw a perfect circle when the paper was held in the air? Our response was that we didn’t have a hard surface, the pen wasn’t bold enough and that the person wasn’t holding the paper still. However, we were forgetting about what we couldn’t see. We were oblivious to the concept that the answer could have been because of gravity, air or even the forces of nature.

For generations, we have been taught to finish the final outcome doing a painting, building a house, and reading a book that sort of stuff. Though we never took into account how our body’s mechanism constructed the process of the final outcome. We looked into more detail on the experiences of the process, how our fingers worked in a cooperative way, how we know what pressures and angles to use. We adapt to our environment, but the question is why and how does our body know how to do that? With everything that is around us, I learnt that we are all one in the same. It’s a connection between a person’s hand, to a pen and to a piece of paper. Maybe even a blind man with a stick feeling the vibrations of the ground, beneath him. It’s amazing how the eyes are imperative for humans, but just as much as a stick is imperative for a blind man. It becomes a visual dominance to them two different individuals.

A quote that I loved was “Creativity grows like a seed” (Klee, 1964, p. 29) A seed that comes out of a flower would only come out if it had the nourishment of the environment. This links in with what I said before about how we are all connected and help each other with the experience and the journey of an outcome and process.




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