Image Analysis

Today we learned about critically analyzing an image. We worked with the 3 columns rule. In the First column is description which is breaking down what you see in the image. Second box is to analyze, elaborating on the description you have came up with and then once you’ve finished your descriptions and analyze you can then come up with the theory. I really liked this method because it showed me how I could analyze images, designs or even my own work. It made me really think about the body features, type, layout, and hierarchy. To also know how to break it down in its simplest form.


Above is a 1960’s iconic photo of the first original James Bond. From my analyze today studying this photo, I found that James bond was portrayed across to the audience as a bold, confident, handsome ladies man that is fearless and mysterious. I notice the way his body structure is positioned, implying that he’s relaxed and smug by pulling a cheeky grin. I even noticed how he has crossed his arms, which could also imply that he’s quite closed, leaving himself very mysterious. The clothes that he is wearing imply what class or status he is at. The fact that he is in a suite shows that he is within the rich formality side of the chain. The positioning of Bond on the poster is very central and he’s more enlarged. Which tells the audience that he has dominance of the page, implying he being the lead character.

He looks like a ladies man because of how the women have been placed, all lined and dressed up in the same way. Which could mean that all the women that he has been with are just the same and want one thing. The fact that they are being provocative and venerable could mean that they want one thing, which is having James from a sexual approach. However the girl at the end is dressed which could also mean that she’s different than the other girls. That she has a more intimate status with James Bond. My Theory of this poster shows the personality of James Bond to be a controlled, fearless, powerful man that men dream of being.





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