Digital Variants


Today in my lecture, we experimented around with photos that we had taken ourselves. The green image above, is one of the examples my lecturer had designed. He wanted us to play around with editing photos in different styles, by adding layers and vibrant colours. I really like his design, I feel he really managed to use a wide range of techniques, contrasts and imagery. I like the way he has placed line connections between the instruments and the people. It combines the image and pulls it together to become a whole. Below his work is some examples of my own, which is the panda. Here I was just playing with effects and colours, understanding how I could block areas of an image and add effects.


This is one of my final outcomes. When I was doing this I found that it was very time-consuming and I felt I really had to think outside the box. When I started, I wanted to jazz the image up a bit, I did this by adding an effect called the graphic pen. This is found in the filter gallery, which I love because it gave me a chance to see the image from different perspectives. The graphic pen, causes the photo to have a sketchy look. From there I moved on to the bunting, draping across the buildings. When designing it, I wanted to work with the same colours from the previous original image, so I used it as a guide. With each and every one, I used a halftone effect to give it a pop art, marvel look. Once I added some colour I felt it wasn’t enough, I needed something to give it to have depth and strike out. Which is why I made the ground yellow, the black was making it look dark and miserable. I find that yellow is quite a happy, bright colour so I thought it would be the best suited. To improve next time I should work with more block colours and try out more layers. Below are a few more designs that helped me decide what colour I wanted to use for the final outcome.



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