Implicit & Explicit



Explicit: Means an image clearly stating the meaning of it. For example, if people took a photo of themselves smiling, it’s clear that they are happy or in this case above, there is a photo of an orange and this is clearly showing a photo of an orange.

Implicit: Is a bit tricky; it doesn’t show you the straightforward meaning. By capturing an image of something, it could imply a totally different concept than what it actually is. Above is an example that I was shown, the first image was a cut off from the full photo and it just showed a soldier holding a gun to a vulnerable man on the floor. However, when I was shown the full image, I then realised that the soldiers were helping the man. This shows me that you shouldn’t always believe what you see in an image because it could completely be implying something else.



In this lecture we were told to get into a pair with someone in the class. I ended up a pairing with a girl named Emily. Emily and I were told that we had to use the terms of implicit and explicit, to convey images of our personalities. I found this task quite difficult because I don’t like talking about myself. However, I felt we worked well as a team and really got to learn about one another. We even ended up joining another pair and got to know about each other. We also helped each other understand how we could portray our inner selves.

For this task, we mainly worked with the term Explicit. Once we had summed ourselves up over a few descriptions. We selected which ones we thought were strong and easy to portray. I chose to portray how I am ‘trustworthy.’ I find that I am good at listening and can keep secrets. Elaborating on this I felt by covering up my mouth, it showed a sense of shielding the truth with a barrier. Implying this gesture, it showed that I wasn’t willing to let a sound out. We also made my hair very big and frizzy, so it looked like I was filled with lots of secrets. For Emily we found out that she could be quite sassy and weird. Which is why she pulled her hair, tilting her face to the side showing an informal, fun gesture that she was over active and wasn’t going to stay still. We got her to pout so that it could apply to the sassiness about her.

When we were editing the images, we felt that the black and white versions were a lot more distinctive and effective to present to the class than the colourful versions. We are really happy with our outcomes and feel like we really managed to work well to the brief.


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