Keynotes- Evolution of Dr. Martin boots




The evolution of Doc Martins has been shaped with in different identities throughout the generations. We learned about how the cultural ideas and meanings have had an effect on the different societies. We went back and looked at how the shoes went from an average standard shoe and slowly changed into an iconic brand over the years. They were originally made for functional formalities such as police officers, forces, and security. However, around the 60s subcultures were formed such as punks, skinheads, hippies and other associations. Subcultures were classed as a non-conformity, which then gave the shoes that kind of label.

Within the fashion world, style is a way of perceiving and expressing your personality in what you wear. Back in the 60s-80’s they would ban the boots, as it was not the correct order of style back then. People tried to go against the system by jazzing the fashion up. All though sometimes they were told that they had to take their Doc Martin boots off before they enter a building because it was classed as a weapon. All because of how they styled it, whether because it had studs, pins or even hard toe points. It was known as a disgrace and was classed as a crime projecting that kind of fashion on to society. However, from that era to now it shows that we adapt to human cultures and identities with in the fashion industry.

From all over the years, the characteristics of doc martins boots has changed dramatically with in the fashion world. To this day we have lots of different styles to choose from and even more get created each day. I find it amazing how the Doc Martin boots went from an abomination in society, to then an Iconic brand today. I quite liked this lecture and how it shows the different diversities of how subcultures can have a massive effect on society.



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