Cardiff in a photo

As a group we were asked to go to Cardiff city and capture images of what we thought symbolised these phrases below.

CuriouCITY          The Greenest Gem           Biggest Small City           The Theatre Of Dreams


CuriouCITY: As a group we felt that the photo of the Rabbit bending over the wall, applied to curiouCITY because of how his hands cover his face. Implying that he’s being sneaky and secretive peaking over it. We thought about cropping the area of the traffic lights but we felt that showed the aspects of him being curious looking into the city.

Greenest Gem: For this one we were trying to find jewellery, lights and objects that symbolised Greenest Gem but we thought that it was to original. We wanted to digger a little deeper, we ended up going with the sculpture of the lion on Cardiff wall. We liked how its eyes were glistening green and straight away thought it was perfect for that phrase. I felt that the colour green in the lions eyes really complimented the surroundings around it.

The Theatre Of Dreams: When we were walking through Cardiff we struggled a lot on trying to find what best fitted to The Theatre Of Dreams. Until we suddenly, walked down a street and loved that it had vibrant colours, unique styles and lots of art. We thought it had a certain character about it, immediately then we decided it would suite The Theatre Of Dreams.

Biggest Small City: Finally we used the image of the shopping arcade. We felt that this image conveyed Biggest Small City because of how Cardiff city is so big. Then within it there is little arcades, that make it feel like your not in Cardiff city. We felt that we were in Diagon alley off Harry Potter. It made us feel we were in a different world, within Cardiff itself.

Being given this task was a good opputunity to open up my horizons to the possibilities of finding art and designs. It gave me a chance to work in a group, sharing new ideas and all implying what we thought represented those phrases. I really enjoyed this task and it was nice that we could go on an adventure to study for it. The day I become a designer and have to produce work, i believe following methods like this is really beneficial and helps with inspirations and skills.


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